“Dragoon Serenade” to be published

I am absolutely thrilled that Luminosity Publishing has accepted my novella written under my pen name, Louise Roberts, and have offered me a 3 year publishing contract which, of course, I have accepted.

Originally the “Romance in War” series was intended to be written as ‘sweet’ romances, where sex scenes happen behind closed doors and everything is left to the readers’ imagination. However, time has shown that readers’ appetites to sex have changed and ‘sweet’ is no longer a viable option. In a way it is a shame to be obliged to write romances that include graphic sex scenes just to be able to sell the book. It makes me wonder where our society is heading…

I hadn’t approached Luminosity Publishing when I had first set out to ‘sell’ the book as it was in the ‘sweet’ category, and Luminosity has, since publishing book 1 – “Letter from a Stranger” in this series in June 2015, withdrawn ‘sweet’ romances from its portfolio.

“Dragoon Serenade” was completed in 2016 and I was obliged to seek other publishers who still claimed to publish such a genre. Unfortunately however for one reason or another I was constantly receiving rejections for this book.

The most recent rejection gave the following reason:

While we found the history of your story fascinating, and your characterization strongly drawn, unfortunately we didn’t feel that Dragoon Serenade would work for us at this time. The story is very interesting, but is a historical story with a romantic subplot, and we are, first and foremost, a romance publisher.

We are actively looking for historical stories, but they need to be primarily romances, and Dragoon Serenade, unfortunately, doesn’t fit that bill.

Frankly I was left dumbfounded as in my opinion the story clearly showed the romantic elements between heroine and hero working side by side with the historical content of the story. My worry was that if I changed the story too much to satisfy the publisher’s issues I would dilute the entire plot.

I was also told by another editor that the Prologue was confusing and the story might work better if I took it out.

With such negative reviews I was determined to make the necessary changes for the betterment of the story. So on reviewing the Prologue I tended to agree with the editor’s concerns, but rather than remove it I replaced it with an entirely different start. The changes were such that I subsequently was obliged to go through the entire manuscript to ensure the continuity of the story reflected the revised beginning.

With regard to SEX, I have since increased the heat level and added a few extra graphic sex scenes just to whet the readers’ appetites. Although in my defense, I would say that I have kept the scenes tasteful as anything else would be out of character of my heroine and hero.

“Dragoon Serenade” is set during World War Two and is centered around the towns Cannes, Golfe Juan [where I currently reside today], Biot, Vallauris, and Agay which are located in the department of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in southern France.

My heroine, code name ‘Simone’, is an agent of the British Special Operations Executive [SOE]. The SOE were highly trained and were specifically used for espionage, sabotage, assassinations, and reconnaissance. Although Resistance fighters had been formed when these people’s countries capitulated to the German forces, it was the SOE who coordinated them into organized fighter networks, ensuring they were supplied with military stores. This was particularly the case in France during the lead up to the invasions of Normandy and the Cote d’Azur.  The latter was code-named “Operation Dragoon”.

The hero in the story is code-named ‘Hibou’ the French word for ‘owl’.  Simone had previously known him from the time she had spent in northern France several months before the D-Day landings. At the time the two had been romantically involved. Now as Simone is being transported by submarine to Golfe Juan she hopes to be able to reignite their love.

I have done what I can to show the strong bond between Simone and Hibou but not at the expense of the action which occurs throughout the story. And I have tried to emphasize their romantic relationship in all its aspects. From tenderness to strong sexual prowess; desire, kindness and love, but inevitably where romance is concerned there is always a hint of jealousy. Just as in real life where there’s romance there will also be tears. However as with all good romances there is ALWAYS a Happy Ever After Ending.

“Dragoon Serenade” may be a romance, but it is one set in the most difficult of circumstances. War is not pretty at the best of times, and when your main characters are operating in the shadows with the Gestapo close on their heels, the tensions run high.

Of all the stories I have written so far “Dragoon Serenade” gave me the most enjoyment, and at times even made me cry – but as a romance writer I can get quite emotional.

I prayed that I had done enough with the revisions to satisfy those who would publish my story, and I could only hope that they would appreciate the efforts made that aim to keep the romance and action elements working alongside each other and not at the expense of losing the story’s personality.

It was therefore a shot in the arm when Luminosity Publishing offered me a contract to publish the story.

The comments I received along with their offer has shown me that the revisions I had made were obviously the best thing I had done:

I loved the plot in this story.

It held my interest, and I read the whole book in one session.

The writing is very good.

I am sure readers will love it as much as me.

Luminosity Publishing have set a projected a release date of October 2017 for the e-book.

They will combine Books 1 and 2 into a paperback version to be released hopefully by November 2017.

Also, as Dawné Dominique has created such fantastic covers for “The Sword and the Rose” series and also the cover for my crime novel “Out of the Darkness”, Luminosity has agreed for me to approach Dusktildawn Designs to create a cover for “Dragoon Serenade”.

RLB – Tomewriter

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When Persistence Pays Off

Despite previous set backs I have just signed a 3 year publishing contract with Foundation Books, https://www.foundationsbooks.net/ for my crime novel “Out of the Darkness”.

Needlesstosay I am over the moon that someone liked my story without asking me to change its entire content. Certainly I expect some changes to occur as part of the editing process; that goes without saying. It’s all part of getting the story polished to a standard where the finished article is at its best.

It is envisioned that the release date will be towards the end of 2017, somewhere between autumn and winter. To add to the good news I have learned that Dusktildawn Designs is one of the cover designers that this publisher uses. Considering the brilliant creations that were done for me for “The Sword and the Rose” series I am of course delighted for the opportunity to work with them again. I have asked the publisher to grant this wish if possible.

I shall of course update my blog as developments take place.

RLB – Tomewriter



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A Sad Day Indeed

A sad day… the first real publication offer received for “Out of the Darkness” and I refused it. Although the publisher said: the manuscript is a wonderful tale, well written, with a great plot and subplots‘, they wanted me to change the time frame. As this would mean losing the story’s originality, and affecting the two subsequent stories I have planned for this series, I decided to reject their offer.

It’s bad enough that we Australian writers always have to ‘bend’ to the demands of the American market, by writing our stories in American English, using Americanized expressions such as ‘parking lot’ instead of ‘car park’, ‘sheriff’s office’ instead of ‘police station’, etc… etc… but for the sake of a 23 year time frame when mobile phones were just starting to make an appearance and not everyone owned one, the publisher insists to bring the time line forward so that my characters have mobiles in their possession so as not to have to use a pay phone then it is time to hold one’s ground, and say ‘NO’.

Which is precisely what I have done. I told the publisher ‘Thank You’, but ‘No Thank You’.

Out of the Darkness” is my very first piece of serious writing which began its life in 1994 [the time frame of my story], but which I never considered it good enough at the time to submit it for publication. Instead I worked on it trying to improve its quality over several years and in the meanwhile wrote and self-published my non-fiction history book “Smithy’s War [that took 10 years to research and write], and my first historical romance novel “Beneath Southern Stars” using a pen name ‘Louise Roberts’.

Since then Louise has had published five historical romances by Luminosity Publishing UK. With their successes, I thought it was time for “Out of the Darkness” to have the same opportunity.

Despite submitting it unsuccessfully to several publishers over the last few years, this latest publisher’s initial email was the only one which expressed any encouragement, as did their email accepting my rejection, which stated:

‘Our readers did enjoy the story and had good things to say about it, including that they would love to see it contracted and revised so it could find an audience because they like your voice and your ability to keep the suspense going. So I hope you consider our point of view and perhaps update it over time – as I mentioned, that late 1900s time frame is a hard sell to readers, which could be why other publishers were hesitant to contract it. No matter how much we like a story, we still have to make a living’.

Personally as much as I appreciate their candor, I don’t see why a certain time frame should annoy readers. If the story has the right ingredients and is a good suspense thriller then why would the date in history be a disadvantage?

In the early 1990’s Australia saw at least 326 violent crimes including the murder of politician John Newman assassinated outside his home in 1994, and the back packer murders 1988-1992.

Despite this being a shameful statistic it is a speck in the ocean compared to the same period in America, where it is reported that in 1992 alone in excess of 2,000,000 murders, rapes, aggravated assaults, and robberies took place.

As for “Out of the Darkness” which is set in Australia and Malta in January 1994, I strongly believe this story deserves the best, and I had hoped that a third-party publisher could do it justice. However it now seems that the only way that I am going to get this story published without compromising the plot and time frame is to self-publish.


RLB – Tomewriter


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“To Claim a Mate” by Jennifer Denys

A new book by Jennifer Denys being released by Luminosity Publishing on Friday 12th May, 2017

Title of book: To Claim a Mate

Author: Jennifer Denys

Publisher: Luminosity Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Wolf shifter, gay, BDSM

Type: Novella (21,600 words)

Sexual orientation: MM


Cole Linley is a gay wolf-shifter. In order to appease the Alpha within, he has taken up the BDSM lifestyle and become very experienced. This placates his wolf to a certain extent, but his dearest wish is to find a mate—male, of course. Except, the question is, how to find one in a city surrounded by humans where other wolf-shifters are rare.

Then, one night, he enters Balls & Chains, a BDSM club he frequents, and immediately senses another of his kind. And not only that, it is the scent of a potential mate, Jared Gray. There is only one problem—Jared is collared by another Master.

Jared’s relationship shows all the signs of an abusive relationship. Can Cole get him away from the other Dom and show Jared the delights of BDSM when done properly and what it means to be a beta wolf to Cole’s Alpha?


Reader Advisory: The submissive in this Gay Paranormal Romance doesn’t realize he is in an abusive relationship until he meets his true Master.

What’s hot?: Making love in the forest as wolves, then in the bed as humans.

Buy links:

Luminosity – http://luminositypublishing.com/product/to-claim-a-mate/

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Claim-Mate-Balls-Chains-Book-ebook/dp/B0713ZLXWD/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1494072501&sr=8-2&keywords=Jennifer+Denys

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/Claim-Mate-Balls-Chains-Book-ebook/dp/B0713ZLXWD/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494072800&sr=8-1&keywords=Jennifer+Denys


Moving on, Cole was drawn into a room which had a cross in each corner of the room with plenty of space to wield the equipment. The walls were covered with floggers of varying types, although nothing stopped a Dominant using an implement from another section.

Cole halted. He’s here.

The scent was at its strongest, practically dragging him toward a slender man in his late twenties, with brown hair the color of hazelnuts. The sub was in the process of being tied face up against a cross on the far side. His chest was bare and sleek, and he wore skin-tight jeans.

The Dom wanted to rip the man’s clothes off and devour him on the spot. So intent was he on reaching his prey, he nearly missed the Master who had finished tying the submissive and came around to inspect the restraints, standing directly between Cole and the object of his hunt.

Stopping in his tracks, Cole’s hackles began to rise. A possessive instinct rose in him to fight off his rival. Except there were rules in BDSM and it didn’t include tearing out the throat of another Master.

Andy caught up with him and saw him staring. “Who have you found? Oh, this is Master Dirk. Jared is the sub he is playing with.”

Cole took a moment to calm his inner wolf, unclenching his fists before he triggered his claws. His voice was raspy as he asked, “Are they new? I don’t recall seeing either of them here before.” Actually, he couldn’t care less about this new Master. He only had eyes for Jared.

He didn’t hear Andy’s answer, because, at that moment, he caught the gaze of the bound man. Tangible electricity crossed the room and hit Cole like a silver bullet, slamming into his heart, nearly causing him to change into his wolf in front of everyone. It took everything he knew about Dominance to keep hold of his human side and push down his animal half.

Meanwhile, the submissive’s eyes opened wide in shock, and he bit his lip. Cole’s keen wolf eyesight could detect Jared’s fierce trembling, as he tightly gripped the ropes that held him. Cole willed him to hold on and not transform in front of everyone as the two shared a look of instant attraction, desperate need, and the desire to have sex.

And yet it was more than that. So much more—an inner knowledge, assurance one has finally found one’s other half, and didn’t even know one was looking.

Taking a deep breath, Cole narrowed his eyes as he gazed on Jared, drinking in the beautiful sight before him.

He gave a slight smile of acknowledgment.

Oh yes, this is my mate. And woe betide anyone who comes between us.



Author bio:

Jennifer is a bestselling author in various genre (BDSM, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, with historical and fantasy in her works in progress) with several different publishers.

An Englishwoman through and through, she lives in a beautiful historical city and is game to try most things once. She’s had a tattoo done on her calf, flew down zip wires 100 feet up in the trees, and was photographed nude by a professional photographer. All of which have taken place since she turned 50!

Many of her experiences end up in her books… but you will have to read them to find out what!

Do contact Jennifer – she loves to hear from her fans. She posts to her blog three times a week and is on Facebook daily.

Author links:

Blog/website – http://jennifer-denys.blogspot.com/

Email – Jennifer.denys@yahoo.com

Facebook – http://facebook.com/JenniferDenys

Twitter – http://twitter.com/JenniferDenys



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Sensual Liaisons: The Sword and the Rose Collection


Cover Design by Dusktildawn Designs and Luminosity Publishing

All original artwork by Dawné Dominique and copyright remains with her.


Sensual Liaisons: The Sword and the Rose Collection by Louise Roberts is a paperback that is to comprise of books 2, 3, and 4 of The Sword and the Rose Series.

So that these three great e-books can be available in print, Luminosity Publishing has incorporated them into a paperback.

The book is due for release on 15th April 2017 and can be purchased through the usual distributor channels such as Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Luminosity Publishing’s own website.

Although there had been plans for three more books in the series it was decided that it was time to end the Spanish 17th century saga after book 4.


Louise Roberts will now concentrate on her “Romance in War” series comprising of different stories set during World War II.

Book 1 – Letter from a Stranger is set in London during the Blitz was published by Luminosity Publishing in June 2015 and is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble.

Book 2 – Dragoon Serenade is set in the south of France during the three weeks leading up to the Allied invasion of Operation Dragoon on 15th August 1944. Although this book is completed it is currently awaiting publication.

Book 3 – Balor’s Landing is set on the tiny island of Toraigh [Tory] off the Irish coast of county Donegal starting in September 1944. This book is Louise’s current work in progress, with four more books planned after this one.

In addition Louise is considering starting other adventures with new characters set during the 18th century but at this stage she won’t give anything away as to where and when those characters will emerge.


RLB – Tomewriter

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London Revisited – Travel Log 29

I was just checking through my travel blogs as I was sure I had already covered London, and I was right. Travel Log 26 when I visited the UK in 2014 https://tomewriter.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/london-travel-log-26/

However, as I was in London yet again only the other week [5th – 13th November 2016], I thought I would add to the previous adventure.

I arrived on Guy Fawkes Night and was pleased to learn from my younger sister that I had been invited to join them at a Fireworks’ Party that night. My sister, Terry and brother-in-law, Rudy met me at Heathrow and drove me back to their home in Totteridge, where I would be staying during my time in London.

Having unpacked [not much as only brought cabin luggage] and had a cup of tea we set off for Beckenham in Kent. The traffic through London was unbelievable and it took over an hour to cover the 30 miles or so from Totteridge. It was a bitterly cold night but the company of friends and the food and drink provided certainly made up for it.

The fireworks were fantastic.

london-november-2016-010 london-november-2016-006

Sunday was to be a quiet day with our cousins coming over for lunch. Terry prepared a wonderful meal and I did my bit by setting the table:


The reason for my visit to London was to get my British passport renewed, but also because it was my brother-in-law’s birthday on the 9th; so I thought I would ‘kill two birds with one stone’. It also gave me the opportunity to catch up with friends.

Now that I am residing in the south of France, the trip to England is a lot easier than from Australia; and being so close [2 hours flying time] I’ll be able to do it more regularly. All the same; as it had been two years since my previous visit I had a list of ‘things to do and buy’ whilst in London.

First on the list was to visit Brent Cross Shopping Centre, which was our local haunt when my family lived near there which was before I moved to Australia, and they moved to Golfe Juan. So Monday morning Terry drove us to the shops and I went spending….

Amongst my purchases was a present for Rudy. Rather than buy yet another predictable bottle of wine, I spotted a stall named the Amazing Chocolate Workshop – it was utterly brilliant. Everything from nuts and bolts, spanners, pliers, tools of all sorts, to a deli section displaying cheeses, sausages, ravioli, graters, knives, wooden spoons; and a cosmetics counter with lipsticks, compacts, tubs of makeup… but ALL made of chocolate:

london-november-2016-066 london-november-2016-065 london-november-2016-064

I ended up buying Rudy a set of pliers and pincers:


The problem is he said they were too fantastic to eat!! Oh well… one tries :o)

Loaded up with a pair of jeans, Christmas cards, a nativity set, 2017 wall calendar, 2017 refill for my Filofax, crossword puzzles for my sister, Lesley [at Golfe Juan], and a few other odds and ends we returned home for a well-deserved rest.

Tuesday was the day I had booked to have my passport renewed. Having pre-arranged and pre-paid for it prior to leaving France, the appointment was booked for 10.45am. Terry came with me to Victoria – we took the underground train from Totteridge – even with such a brilliant service the journey still took an hour due to the peak time rush. I had forgotten how crowded the trains get in London at that time of the day.

After a small hiccup I was told to return at 3.40pm to collect my new passport. We took the tube to Oxford Circus and walked down Regent Street to a Pret-a-Manger Café for lunch. From there Terry went off to her office – not all of us have retired from work yet – whilst I decided to walk back to Victoria at a leisurely pace as I needed to kill time.

Fortunately although overcast it remained dry. It was all the same quite cold, so the walk was welcome just to get the blood pumping.

Unlike the last time I was in London I saw sights that, although were very familiar, it was nice to see again, and some I had not ever noticed before.

Setting off then from Regent Street I walked its length south to Piccadilly Circus to say ‘hello’ to our old friend “Eros”, and was pleasantly treated to another sculpture I had never seen before – the Horses of Helios [created by London artist Rudy Weller].

london-november-2016-026  london-november-2016-027

From Piccadilly I walked down Haymarket and came out at Trafalgar Square making sure to acknowledge our famous Sea Lord, Admiral Horatio Nelson atop of his column:


For those who follow my blogs and/or my writings in general they would know my love of anything historical. Europe, in deed, London in particular is steeped in history, and I could, time permitting, spend endless hours trying to capture all statues and monuments that record those events of the past.

Last week included a day that is held dear to the majority of the world’s population – or at least to those who lived through the two World Wars and survived them, or who had friends and relatives who perished in them; whether, either as civilians, or as combatants. It is also a day remembered by those generations that grew up following those conflicts; and it is hoped that future generations will continue the tradition of observing the 2 minutes silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month…

It was my original intention to attend the Cenotaph at Whitehall on Friday 11th November to be there at the appropriate hour to pay my respects. Unfortunately my schedule of planned events meant that this would not be possible.

However, as I was at Whitehall on the Tuesday [8th] I took a moment to stand in front of the War Memorial and offer a silent prayer.


I continued along Whitehall reaching Parliament Square where Big Ben loomed above me, Westminster Abbey before me being prepared for the Armistice Day commemorations, and sighting a statue I certainly wasn’t expecting to see in London… Abraham Lincoln:

london-november-2016-053  london-november-2016-059  london-november-2016-054

By the time I arrived at Victoria my feet were killing me. I should have known better and worn trainers not boots!!

At least my passport was ready and I was able to return to Totteridge to enjoy a relaxing evening.

I had a day at home on Wednesday, but met up with old friends in the evening – it was great to see them again, even though two of them had come out to Golfe Juan with their respective partners to pay me a visit the previous month. Still – it’s always nice to be with friends!

Thursday was another full day. Terry and I went out shopping yet again, and then made a special visit to pay our respects to our dad who had passed away in June 1989 having lost his battle to cancer; and from there we went to say ‘hello’ to our cousin Ron, who also left us in September 1987 due to a massive heart attack – he was 36. I always make a point of visiting my departed relatives every time I am in London. Both men were a great influence on my life, so it is only fitting that I shall never forget them.

On a lighter note, that afternoon Terry and I headed back into the West End as she was in search of a restaurant for an event she wanted to book up. As it turned out the café at St. James’ Park no longer took bookings so another venue had to be found. We walked across Horse Guards Parade narrowly avoiding a group of mounted soldiers, smiled at the guards on horseback at the gates on Whitehall and headed northwards in search of a suitable venue or two.

london-november-2016-076  london-november-2016-041 london-november-2016-038

From Whitehall we proceeded onto Covent Garden where we were to meet up with Rudy. Terry had bought tickets for the Musical “Half a Sixpence” being performed at the Noel Coward Theatre in St. Martin’s Lane; but first we were due to meet up with some friends for dinner.


It was only just after 5pm and we needed to kill some time. Rudy was keen to find some ski gloves so we visited a couple of shops and he was happy to find a pair he liked, and even happier when Terry bought them for him… well it was his birthday after all :o)

Although the Christmas lights have been erected around town it is a shame that, apart from a few shops, they have not been illuminated as yet – I expect it’s too early in the season. The ones in Covent Garden represent giant mistletoes… I reckon they will be wonderful when they are lit.

london-november-2016-081  london-november-2016-086

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant named “Sartori” is located at 15-18 Great Newport Street. The food was first class and reasonably priced. If you’re ever near there it certainly worth a visit: http://www.sartori-restaurant.com/

On to the show… and what a brilliant performance it was by all the actors – it was a highly enjoyable and entertaining musical. Thanks Terry for such a perfect treat :o)


There was more shopping to do on Friday, taking 2 minutes out at 11am as a mark of respect, and Saturday it was time to pack. We had another dinner with family on Saturday night, and then a drive to Heathrow on Sunday morning.

The week was over and before I knew it I was back in Golfe Juan.

It certainly was a well-packed, well-planned and entertaining sojourn in London, and perhaps a nice way to end a year that had such a traumatic start for me. Christmas is yet to come, and I shall no doubt enjoy it with my immediate family. If any friends are nearby I’m sure a drink or two will be shared to see the New Year in.

2017 is only six weeks away; what it will bring is anyone’s guess, but we can only hope that it will bring us all peace, well-being, and happiness.

RLB – Tomewriter

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Master Story Teller – Justin Sheedy


I first learned of Justin Sheedy via my wife who had heard the name mentioned on her favorite radio show with Alan Jones on 2GB three years ago. Knowing my passion for anything relating to history and in particular World War II since the publication of my own non-fiction book “Smithy’s War” in 2005 and then as an e-book in 2012, she suggested I obtain a copy of “Ghosts of the Empire”.

I must admit that when I read this I was blown away by not only the story, but in the way Justin Sheedy related the tale. His vivid descriptions of the aerial sequences as put in the thoughts and words of the pilots transported the reader [me] in the cockpit with them.

I loved the book so much I had to get the prequel.

I was honored to meet Justin at Dymocks Bookstore in George Street, Sydney where he graciously signed a copy of “Nor the Years Condemn”. [I also bought that day his book “Goodbye Crackernight” which was a lovely insight to times in Australia now long gone].

Anyway as it turned out “Nor the Years Condemn” was as good as “Ghosts of the Empire”, so when I heard that Justin was releasing the third book in his trilogy “No Greater Love” I knew this too had to be bought.

As much as I would have loved to have purchased a copy from him in Sydney in order to get it signed, it was not to be as since March 2016 I have been residing in the south of France. Fortunately I was able to obtain it on Amazon.

The moment I started reading it I knew I was going to be unable to put it down; and so it was just as I thought.  I found myself in the kitchen that first night of reading it with the book in one hand, and a wooden spoon in the other stirring my dinner.

My family is of Maltese origin and since an early age we were always taken to the island on summer holidays to visit family and friends. The thing one noticed the most during the 1950’s and 1960’s was how much evidence there still was of the bomb damage that had occurred on the island during World War II.

Malta is a very small island. At 260 square kilometers it is smaller than London that covers an area of 1,572 square kilometers. Yet as much as people remember the Blitz that devastated London, it was nothing compared to the pounding that the people of Malta received from June 1940 to November 1942 by Italian and German aircraft flying out from their bases in Sicily only 60 miles away.

“No Greater Love” takes you on a journey back in time to the small island of Malta beginning in April 1942. From the moment you turn the first few pages you are drawn into a story that so absorbs your very being that you can immediately feel an empathy with the pilots, ground crew, and the very populace who were being tormented by the continuous bombing raids by enemy aircraft. Germany’s goal was to destroy the populations resolve and forcing them to surrender or by letting them starve to death by ensuring all convoys transporting fuel and food were sunk before they reached the island.

Justin Sheedy’s thorough research is transposed onto the novel’s pages as he carefully exposes the hardship the people of Malta went through. It is also astounding to read that with so little food available how the pilots and ground personnel were able to continue the fight against the Axis forces.

“No Greater Love” is a testament to those few pilots who risked their lives to ensure that the generations to follow them into the future would not have to live under the rule of tyranny.

From Malta our hero, Colin Stone is transferred to North Africa and finally to England. Although his journey is fraught with danger, he still manages to put a smile on your face with his good humor.

As for the end, it caught me by surprise, and it left me feeling content, despite the small tear in my eye.

I’m sure Justin won’t mind me attaching the link to his website here, https://crackernight.com/

If you haven’t read any of his books, then start with “Nor the Years Condemn” before reading “Ghosts of the Empire” and “No Greater Love”. I assure you it will be an experience worth having.

RLB – Tomewriter






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Well Done Louise Roberts

Not only has “Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms” been released today 19th October 2016 by Luminosity Publishing, LLP, the book has also managed to score the Highest Historical Romance Rating and # 1 Best Seller on the ARe Distributor website.



Keep up the good work Louise… may there be many sales along the way.

RLB – Tomewriter

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Showcasing “NO GREATER LOVE” by Justin Sheedy

No Greater Love by Justin Sheedy

To abandoned child, Colin Stone, World War Two grants an escape from the mean streets of St. Kilda. A natural warrior, his talents qualify him to join an elite group of young men. The shining ones. Who fly Spitfires against Nazi tyranny. Rising with them, from the top Colin Stone looks down on a world that has doomed his first true friends.

Bringing to vivid life true Australian war history and events, No Greater Love is a saga in the classic mold, featuring the drama, beauty, heroism and horror of one young man’s war journey through stunning Malta, Egypt and North Africa, Sicily, England and Europe. It is a portrait of the once-in-a-lifetime characters the war places on his path, of the tragic, wholesale waste of war, on occasion even the profound humanity of his enemy, and of his evolving perception of his world for what it is.

Though standing on its own as a ripping and also highly emotional read, No Greater Love is the third and final chapter of Justin Sheedy’s now widely and warmly cherished World War Two novel trilogy begun with Nor the Years Condemn and Ghosts of the Empire. Continuing and now concluding their portrait of shining young men destined never to grow old, No Greater Love is the full and rich story of Part 1’s reader-favourite character, Aussie rough diamond Colin Stone (‘Stoney’). It is the story of his war, of his loyalty and devotion to his friends, of his enduring love for the mother who abandoned him, and his dreams of being held by her once again.

BOOK LAUNCH! “No Greater Love” by Justin Sheedy – Sat 3 Sept 2016 at Dymocks Sydney

About the Author:


Justin Sheedy was born in 1968 and grew up in North Epping in Sydney’s north-west suburbs. He was educated by the Little Sisters of No Mercy, then by the Jesuits, and obtained a degree in fine arts, qualifying him to drive a cab.

He has worked in radio, for a while as a go-go dancer as well as for the Australian Public Service though has since made a full recovery. If you have ever worked in the public service, you will understand. If you still do work in the public service, Justin remembers you, so you better have been nice to him as he’s writing books now.

His efforts have seen him invited to the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2010 and to the Gloucester Writers’ Festival 2012.

His books “Goodbye Crackernight” and “Nor the Years Condemn”, “Ghosts of the Empire” plus now his latest book “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer” are available at AMAZON in paperback and Kindle formats, in Australia at Dymocks Books nation-wide. Also at GLEEBOOKS, ABBEY’S BOOKSHOP, BERKELOUW BOOKS & THE AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL, in the UK via WATERSTONES, WH SMITH and orderable at YOUR local bookstore.


On a personal note, I have read all of Justin’s books and have enjoyed each one thoroughly. As recommendations go I have no difficulty in promoting Justin Sheedy’s books. I wish him every success with his latest offering “No Greater Love”.

RLB – Tomewriter

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BOOK LAUNCH! “No Greater Love” by Justin Sheedy – Sat 3 Sept 2016 at Dymocks Sydney

Wishing Justin every success with this book. If it’s as good as the two previous novels then it’s going to be a pleasure. I can’t wait to get my copy :o)

Goodbye, Crackernight

Justin-Sheedy-Dymocks-8On the eve of Fathers’ Day 2016, Justin Sheedy will be launching his latest historical novel, No Greater Love. Bringing to vivid life true Australian war history and events, it is a saga of the drama, beauty, heroism and horror of a young Australian Spitfire pilot’s war journey through stunning Malta, Egypt and North Africa, Sicily, England and Europe. It is a portrait of the once-in-a-lifetime characters the war places on his path, of the tragic, wholesale waste of war, on occasion even the profound humanity of his enemy.

Though concluding Sheedy’s now highly acclaimed World War Two trilogy (all titles available on the day), No Greater Love is the stand-alone full story of Book 1’s reader-favourite character, Aussie rough diamond Colin Stone. It is the story of his loyalty and devotion to his friends, of his enduring love for the mother who abandoned him, and his dreams of…

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