Time to blog

Thought it was time that I too joined the world of blogging. In a way I’ve already been doing it for years if you count Facebook as a type of blogging or writing rubbish in my journals to get my thoughts on paper – which I suppose is blogging – to myself. The main reason for starting a blog however is to get my writings noticed. One of the things you tend to see alot when going through the submission requirements of many third party publishers [particularly e-publishers] is their insistence that their authors have a blog up and running to self promote their writings.

So who am I – Well my name is Robert L J Borg. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt in August 1951 to British parents by Maltese descent, the second of three children. Following the Suez Crisis in November 1956 my parents were compelled to abandon their assets and home, and leave the country as refugees. I grew up and was educated in London, England and have always held a passion for history and writing, mostly poetry. At the age of twenty, a poem, Despair in Blindness, written by me was included in an anthology entitled “Contemporary Poets of 1971” published by Regency Press Ltd, London. The same poem was later adopted and translated in Braille by the Royal Society of the Blind. In recognition for this work I was honoured by having a guide dog, a German shepherd, named after me. It was this small gesture which fuelled my passion in writing. In 1988 I immigrated to Australia. Six years later I began writing adult fiction. I have written two novels Beneath Southern Stars written under the pen name “Louise Roberts” and The Sword and the Rose as “Alexander Grant”. Both are Historical Dramas with romantic interludes. My only other completed work, a non-fiction history book entitled Smithy’s War, was self-published in 2005 as a limited print, sold mainly to friends for donations to Cancer Research. A few copies were donated to libraries: The National Library, State Library of NSW, Parliamentary Library, and Sydney University. Also my local library at Hornsby, NSW was given a copy as I had spent most of my time there conducting research. I am currently writing a third novel Elena and as well as my memoirs. In 2009 I became a member of Hawkesbury River Writers (HRW) and in February 2011 was elected President of the group, now in my second term. I recently became a member of Romantic Writers of Australia Inc.

Well it’s 9.30pm Sydney time – it’s been a long day, so will call it a night and will resume Blogging some other time.


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One response to “Time to blog

  1. Betty Hassen

    Hi Robert
    My name is Betty Hassen and I am Cindy Webb’s sister. I of course have met you and of course Leslie and your Mum, and have met up in Sydney a few times on their visits to OZ. Cindy just rang me to tell me about your blog, I was not aware you were a writer. I am a Book Club enthusiast and so will read your already published works, I am so excited. I will now keep in contact via your blog. How wonderful.

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