Day Job

As much as I would like to be a full time Author, unfortunately it hasn’t given me a living; so until I am lucky enough to find a publisher willing to take on my novels, I have a full time job. Presently this is with a large Fast Moving Consumer Goods [FMCG] manufacturer based in Epping New South Wales. For my sins I am responsible for ensuring claims received into the company are promptly actioned by various key personnel in the organisation. By trade, I am a qualified senior credit controller [senior in experience, as well as in years], but unlike chasing customers for money [a task which is a delight to do] I am having to chase my colleagues to sign off on claims [not an easy task].

Anyway, I shan’t bore you with the details as I am just as likely to fall asleep writing about it, as you would be reading about it.

Just a word to those readers who are in their last years of school – beware about taking a year out before University and/or TAFE [Technical College].  Try not to fall into the same trap as me [and perhaps others like me] who decided to do just that and start up a job for a year. I had a place to read Geology – my favourite subject [other than English Language, English Literature and History that is] at a University in South Wales [UK], but once I started earning and was able to buy my first car [an Austin Mini 850cc –  like Mr Bean’s only mine was blue], buying nice clothes and going out I saw no ambition to go back to studying. Ironically I started working with an American oil company based in South London as a Credit Controller. 40 years on I’m still doing the same sort of work – ouch!! So be warned – it’s best to finish with all studying before getting a job you’ll regret – I would have much preferred to have been a Seismologist working for an oil company.

RLB – Tomewriter


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