My Creativity

As far back as I can remember I have always had an active imagination. Some refer it as day dreaming, to me however it is creating images and stories to steer me away from reality. In my youth I enjoyed putting together model aircraft, ships, cars. Then I would conjure up anything using whatever materials came to hand – usually bits of plywood, cardboard and paper. I once built an entire World War I battlefield using a sheet of hard board as its base. I then ran a series of wiring powered by a couple of batteries with small torch bulbs at strategic points before covering the entire base with an undulating cardboard frame which was covered in strips of paper pre-soaked in floured water. When it was all dry I painted it in a yucky brown-green colour to represent churned up soil. The lights were the trenches and it gave a eerie effect when the room was plunged into darkness. Using match sticks I made up some ladders and obstacles, and fuse wire [wrapped around a pencil for shaping] to represent barbed wire, I then  proceeded to place the soldiers of the opposing armies on it. It took about a month to complete and was left on the floor of my bedroom for longer, much to my mother’s frustrations as it was difficult to get into my room with it where it was. In the end it had to go – so I sat on my bed one day with an air pistol and destroyed it in less than an hour.

I also loved colouring in. This later progressed to sketching using pencils, graphite and ink. Painting followed; first with water colours, then acrylics and oil paints. At the same time I began to write short stories and poetry.

Snow Period

My Artwork – “Snow Period” – Drawn and Painted in the early 1970’s

Where did it all come from? I expect it’s genetic; both my mother and her sister were both excellent artists, especially my aunt who excelled using crayons. Unfortunately my aunt passed away several years ago. My mother, at the age of 87 has failing eyesight so she is limited in what she can do [more of her later]. For me however, I haven’t painted in years [except for re-painting my study a few weeks ago – but that doesn’t count]. I do enjoy photography these days though, and although I only possess a small digital camera [Sony DSC-L1 Cyber-shot] it is more than enough for my needs.

My true passion however is writing. The nice thing about writing is that all my frustrations, emotions, and anger can be channeled through my characters. I let them live out my feelings so the only people who get hurt are fictitious. Good therapy really…..

RLB – Tomewriter

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