Pen Names

In 1990 I decided that as much as I liked reading a variety of genres of books I believed that I too could write a novel. Afterall what was needed but a bit of imagination, time, and the ability to write. So having thought of a story line I started to write my very first novel. Sure I did some research and worked out plan for the story and when I completed it thought of a title for the 60,000 + words I’d put down on paper – I didn’t have a computer at that time so I bought a typewriter. Afterwards I thought about using a Pen Name as I didn’t think my own name had a nice ring to it. I played around with a few ideas, but then settled on Alexander Grant. Why you may ask? I have always liked the name “Alexander” – Firstly he’s the guy that founded the city of my birth, and secondly it’s an expansion for my wife’s name: “Sandra”. “Grant” is my stepson’s middle name. The title of the book is Out of the Darkness it is set in present day [1990] and is a murder/thriller. It’s okay, but before I even attempt to try to sell it, it will require major work done on it – especially more specialist research in the way the Australian police services operate in conjunction with Interpol and various other national police forces.

Since writing Out of the Darkness I then moved on to writing a non-fiction history book which was based on the diary of a Sydney-born gentleman who was a radio operator aboard an oil tanker during World War Two. He was also uncle to a colleague whom I worked with at a company named Magic Door Industries that is based in Alexandria, NSW [ Alexandria – it’s that name again]. It was at his suggestion I should write the book. It took ten years to complete in between my day job, family life, and other writings. I did write it using my own name as author.

When I wrote the first of my two Historical novels, using Robert Borg as the author name received endless rejection letters; and in fact, it was Mills & Boon who were the first to be honest and let me know that romance novels are always written by women authors, and that unless I had a woman’s name I wouldn’t be considered. Thanks for the honesty, but they still knocked me back! So as a result Louise Roberts was born. “Louise” being the female version of my own middle name “Louis” and “Roberts” – well I think you can work that one out?

RLB – Tomewriter


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