Getting Published

All the obstacles and hurdles you have to face and get over to get published is an utter nightmare – I should be used to it by now, but it still leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth as you hit wall after wall. Even self-publishing is no walk in the park. I’ve re-written, re-edited and re-formatted my novel Beneath Southern Stars so many times since originally writing it in the early 1990’s that it makes my head spin. The latest changes have been for whom I hope to use to self-publish the book before the end of this year. First I need a cover for it. Not being a brilliant artist [as I have previously shown my paintings are landscapes and seascapes only – trying to draw people is another story {excuse the pun} and are limited to matchstick men]. So I am now on the hunt for a graphic artist to create a cover worthy of the story and one which will attract potential buyers. I have made a few enquiries and hopefully I will be rewarded. I then need to obtain an ISBN for it. I remember getting one for free when I self-published Smithy’s War in 2005, but that was through a firm in Melbourne as the book was published in Australia. As Smashwords are in the USA I expect I would need to apply for an ISBN from there – I doubt this would be free? Does anyone know? I guess I’ll have to make a few enquiries.

As the saying goes: “Watch this space” for the continuing saga of “Getting Published”….

RLB – Tomewriter


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