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Pages Updated

As I will be publishing more stories in the future, I thought perhaps it would be best to have a separate page for each making them easier to find. Although I am still working on The Sword and the Rose I hope to have it published early next year, though whether it will be through Smashwords only time will tell. I am also hoping to publish a small anthology of short stories for children and an adult short story. The latter won a “Readability”competition at Hawkesbury River Writers in 2010. All going well I hope to release these two by the end of this year. Meanwhile however I have a trip planned for next month to Europe. I’ll be visiting my mum and my elder sister who live in the South of France near Cannes. I will also be heading over to London for a few days to see my younger sister and hopefully some old friends.

RLB – Tomewriter


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Time for a poem?

Maze of Tranquillity

Copyright © Robert L J Borg 1986


The shadows of the mind,

Play tricks upon each other;

And search inside a maze,

That one can never find.

As darkness falls around,

Dreams of happiness start to beckon;

But the race towards the light,

Leads you further under ground.

Love once known, now dejected,

Hurts stronger when given up in hate.

Unsuccessful attempts to gain forgiveness,

Makes you feel insignificant and rejected.

Memories fire up your heart,

Tormenting and sickening you inside.

Where the anguish of true loneliness,

Tempts the tranquillity of suicide.

RLB – Tomewriter

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Beneath Southern Stars is Published

After spending many gruelling hours re-editing and re-formatting it for Smashwords, the book is finally published. An achievement for me anyway, as I first wrote it in 1995 and after doing the rounds trying to publish it the conventional way I gave up after countless rejections and forgot about it; moving on to write the next novel. So when a fellow writer suggested I self-publish online as an e-book I saw an opportunity to finally brush away the cobwebs and release it to the unsuspecting world.

Should you wish to read it/buy it [and I hope you do] you’ll find it at Smashwords. To find the book click on the link below. If you go through the company’s home page please ensure you switch off the Adult Filter before you search for the book in the search field – otherwise you won’t find it. I’m selling it at US$2.99 but the first 5 chapters are FREE. You can access the page advertising it by clicking on this link:… and then you can download a sample.

I’m pleased to say the book has started to sell, which is what all authors want to achieve; and I have also had some positive feedback. This is what one friend and fellow writer said [I’m sure she won’t mind me quoting her, but will respect her privacy and not mention her name]:

Congratulations, Robert.

What a great story. You know your history and bring it to life during many twists and turns.

I found it picked up steam as it went on and a few places were very strong and brought tears to my eyes. (eg: the snake bite scene)

Well done to bringing it to a very satisfactory ending too, with all the loose ends tied up. I enjoyed the read and loved your characters.

Thank you and I wish you all the best with sales.


RLB – Tomewriter

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