First Day of Autumn or Spring?

For all in the Northern Hemisphere:

Autumn Shades

 Copyright © Robert L J Borg 1971

Shades of autumn fallout from the sky;

In preparation for winter days,

For the animals who will die.

The birds which will fly away,

To the warmness of the south,

And return again comes May.

Within the autumn light, now subdued,

Squirrels, grey and red, filter through the trees,

Hurriedly, seeking, their winter food.

In the woods there are the deer

Who endlessly probe places to snug?

For the long winter nights draw near.

From green, the leaves change to brown.

Withered, they die for all to see;

Weakened, they fall to the ground.

The flowers refuse to bloom,

Their various tints no longer witnessed,

And yet, come spring will flourish soon.

The autumn moon is bright,

Standing high above the earth,

It breaks the cold dark nights.

The stars pierce the dark velvet;

Tiny distant specks of light,

Reduce the autumn darkness, which is thoroughly set.


 For all in the Southern Hemisphere:


Oh! Bugger!

Copyright © Robert L J Borg 2009


Oh! Bugger! Brad cried out,

As the steaks went up in flames.

The men had abandoned the barbeque

To watch the footy games

The ladies sat out-of-the-way

Scattered around the pool;

Deep in conversation,

Attempting to stay cool.

Bev looked up startled

At her husband’s yell,

Whilst watching him throw a wet towel

To dampen Dante’s Hell!

Standing beside him in despair,

Cringing at the smouldering fare,

Wondering what to dish up

To everyone there?

With a shrug and a grin,

The mobile to his ear,

Placing an order with Pizza Hut,

Brad reached for another beer!


RLB – Tomewriter

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