The Orange Tree, Totteridge, London – Travel Log 4

How times change? What ever happened to the good old-fashioned English pub? Now say “Hello” to the Gastropub – why not just call it a restaurant and be done with it!

My friends and I have known “The Orange Tree” in Totteridge located in North London since we were legally able to drink – some 40 years ago, so it seemed apt that on a visit to London last weekend [Friday 7th September, 2012] I should organise a reunion with my friends at this location. As my younger sister lives near by I asked her to make a reservation of a table for 12. She was told in no uncertain terms that reservations of tables could only be made for dinner guests; and as my friends would be arriving at different times as some were coming in from great distances outside London, giving an actual time was impossible. The alternative was to sit outside in the garden. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining; but due to a moonless night it was pretty dark after sunset. Despite several lanterns being lit, one still needed a miner’s lamp to read the menu – fortunately some had torches built into their mobile phones so we could at least see!!

Despite the lack of illumination [and heaters – it was quite chilly due to the cloudless sky] we had, had a wonderful evening catching up on old times and new.

On a positive note the food and drink was good and reasonably priced. The staff however were rushed off their feet as the place was quite packed and they were obviously understaffed for such a popular venue.

I would highly recommend you to arrive early or book a table so as not to be disappointed. Fortunately we did arrive early [7pm] so were able to grab a couple of tables outside in the garden and hog them until all friends had arrived. It was a fantastic night.

Thanks to all my friends who turned up. Tony, we missed you, but hope you had a great weekend with your sons at Monza.

RLB – Tomewriter


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