Those of you who are aware, I am in the south of France at the moment – at least until the end of the month. I am visiting my elder sister and our old mum who will be 88 years old next January. My mum is also slowly losing her sight due to macular degeneration – pretty sad as her passion was reading, playing bridge and beating me at scrabble. As I have also mentioned in a previous blog, she is also a published author in her own right.

In 2002 she wrote a second book which never got published and has been sitting in a drawer all this time. I am currently reading the manuscript and it is a pretty good story (I’m not just saying so, because of any bias). I have therefore promised her that I will re-edit and re-format it for publication through Smashwords as an e-book asap. This means I will be putting my own second novel, The Sword and the Rose, on hold until I can finish with her book – A Tangled Web.

I have created a new page for this book and have added the story synopsis for your perusal. As soon as I return to Australia I will seriously start working on it, and ask Judy Bullard to create a cover for the book to do it justice.

Mum has also made me promise to re-write her first book When the Wind Blows under a new title using the characters’ real names rather than the fictitious ones she originally used. Afterall, the story she told was her true story, so why not tell it as it was. This re-write however may have to wait a while, though not too long I hope.

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