Copyright © Robert L J Borg 2011

 There’s not much to say about births, except we are born. To some, birth may never actually happen as we die in the womb. If we are lucky or unlucky, depending on your point of view, we may be born, but may die before you can say we’ve actually lived. We may live a few years or to a ripe old age. Sometime between being born and death we may or may not get married. Marriage, how does one define it? The union between two persons, regardless of sex, creed and/or race! Whether compatible or not; at one stage in their relationship they choose to commit to a life time of bondage to each other. Except that the “perfect” marriage does not always succeed; and disillusioned by their failure to create their ideal world, the marriage ends in separation and divorce. And just when you think you won’t ever do it again, you do. Perhaps once or several times more – will we ever get it right? Until eventually you do find peace, but then you are lying in an open coffin, lifeless eyes staring into closed eyelids and waiting for a chance to do it all over again in a new life sometime in the future……..

RLB – Tomewriter

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