An Evening with Anne McCullagh Rennie

Thursday 6th December 2012 the Hawkesbury River Writers met for the last time this year. Our Christmas meeting consisted of dinner for twelve at the Club on the Hawkesbury which boasts a first class restaurant. There were nine members and three guests, one of which was our guest speaker, an internationally bestselling author,  Anne McCullagh Rennie.

When dinner was over at 8pm we moved from the restaurant to an annex building which is situated in between the bowling greens and a small park area, and bordered by the Hawkesbury River itself – a most idyllic setting. Anne’s talk was inspiring and uplifting, and gave some excellent advice which has been discussed encouragingly amongst the members who attended over the last 48 hours or so. The best tip given was that there are three keys to getting your book completed and published; you need Passion, Perseverance and Flexibility – a very wise tip. These three elements are a must, and I have already been practicing them for years. Without them no author can move forward with their work. Without passion and perseverance I would have given up long ago. Instead I feel I have so much still to give and write about. Flexibility in changing work written, modifying it for the greater good, editing over and over again until you are certain there is no more to change, then look again for there always is, is an essential ingredient for a successful book. It also makes you a better writer to be able to accept negative as well as positive feedback from other writers and editors.

Anne McCullagh Rennie has written several novels and non-fiction work. View her website at Whilst there check out her latest novel Under Southern Skies. I have added her website link to my blog roll.

Thanks Anne, it was a wonderful evening….

RLB – Tomewriter


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