Smithy’s War is published as an E-Book on Smashwords

Smithy's War Final

COPYRIGHT © Robert L J Borg 2012

An E-Book through Smashwords:

 The story of Australian Merchant Mariners is one about which little has been written and this book attempts to make a valuable contribution to a neglected area of Australia’s wartime experience.

Leslie George Smith, who was born in Sydney, Australia on 14th May 1908, served as a communications officer aboard an oil tanker, the Anglo-Maersk, during 1940/41. This book is about his experiences told in his own words taken from his diary. The entries have been intermingled with events which were occurring throughout the period he was at sea.

The entire book covers the whole of World War II and includes maps and photographs of the ships mentioned in Leslie’s text. It also includes a photograph of the German U-boat, the U-604, which was responsible for the sinking of the Anglo-Maersk.

20% of the book is available as a sample for free for you to enjoy.

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