Poetic Whispers is Published

Poetic Whispers Final


 Copyright © Viviane Elisabeth Borg & Robert L J Borg 2013

 ISBN: 978-0-9873858-4-0

 Published by Robert L J Borg at Smashwords


To celebrate my mum’s 88th birthday this coming Tuesday, 15th January I have today published an anthology of poems which have been written by the two of us over some forty odd years. Although we both started writing fiction and non-fiction books since the 1990’s, poetry has been with us for most of our lives. In my case I started writing it from the mid 60’s when just a teenager. Mum I believe did so too; unfortunately most of her work was written in french, so only the English poems are included in this anthology.

As always with our books, I asked Judy Bullard of Custom EBook Covers [http://customebookcovers.com/index.html] to create the book cover. The theme I asked her to come up with was the beaches of Australia for me, and the mountains and lavender fields of the Alpes-Maritimes/Provence regions of France where mum lives. The beach photo I supplied. It was taken at Port Macquarie in April 2012 by me when we visited the place to celebrate my wife’s birthday. I am as always so grateful to Judy for the brilliant work she creates. The mountains and lavender fields on the cover are perfect.

I actually wrote a poem a few nights ago to fully describe the cover. It is the last poem in the book, but I will share it with you here and now. I hope you like it?

Poetic Whispers

(January 2013)

 Lavender fields abound, alive with bees,

Gathering nature’s harvest;

Their gentle drone fills the air with knowing comfort,

The balminess of summer afternoons,

Makes you want to weep with joy.

Distant mountains dominate the horizon,

As far as the eye can see;

Their rugged peaks shimmering with snow,

Whiteness so fresh and crisp,

Drawing you to them like a temptress.

Knolls, greenness so unreal,

Lush and sumptuous to the touch;

Where early morning dew keeps them freshly watered,

So as you tread upon its top,

It feels as though you’ll sink.

As you reach the sea below,

The surf calls out your name;

It invites you to kick off shoes, and wade,

Cold at first it warms to a gentle spa,

Relaxing and revitalising, you sigh with pleasure.

Hidden behind low clouds, the sun shines bright,

Its beams, the fingers of God, light the way;

Look in awe at all before you,

Listen to the angels’ poetic whispers,

And say thanks to being alive.

RLB – Tomewriter

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