It was my first time

It’s Sunday 27th January – The Australia Day Long Weekend and it’s raining in Sydney. As there’s not much to do – I can’t do any gardening, and as my busted hand stops me doing anything too strenuous I have decided I would tidy out my study. I’m currently clearing out a cupboard and shredding copies of old short stories and part chapters of my novel Beneath Southern Stars [now published] and The Sword and the Rose [to be published in a few months time] which I had taken to the writing group I belonged to, Hawkesbury River Writers, for critiquing. I say “belonged to” because I am to resign officially from it in March at our AGM. The latter was to happen next month, but as the treasurer and secretary will be away the AGM has had to be postponed. Anyway, shan’t bore you with this. So moving on, as I said I’m sifting through the piles of documents and I came across the following little 100 word prompt:

It was my first time

Copyright (c) Robert L J Borg 2009

Holding my hand she led me into her room. A sense of foreboding coursed through my veins. I could feel my pulse racing and my stomach tighten in anticipation of things to come.

The room was cluttered, though neatly laid out. Bright pictures decorated ancient looking paintwork on the walls. I noticed in places some of the paint had flaked and was peeling.

She sat me down onto a comfortable chair, then leant forward, gently kissing my cheek; whispering softly it would be alright. She turned, closed the door and said:

“Good morning everyone, today is Jeremy’s first time at school, do make him welcome.”

RLB – Tomewriter

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