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Silence is Golden…….

Sorry for the silence. No excuse really, except that I have been spending every free moment trying to complete “The Sword and the Rose”. To top it all my day job is coming to an end; I was told at the end of January that my role is going to India [I’m not], so as they have been unable to find me a job within the organisation, I shall be leaving the business on 28th March. Pity as I’ve been with Unilever for almost 7 years and would have liked to have seen it through until retirement in about 3 years time – not to be.

Well it’s on to new opportunities I expect. May give me more time to write, shame I can’t make a living out of writing though as I really do love it. Oh well, in the words of Ned Kelly: Such is life….

I’ve found a couple of writers’ discussion groups through LinkedIn which I am thoroughly enjoying joining in with; and of course, reading and watching TV to help relax after a trying day.

…. for now I had best get back to my novel.

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