My Old School……

Isn’t it great how something unexpected comes out of the blue…

I received an email from one of my oldest friends [oldest not in age because he’s younger than me, but in years we have known each other]. Attached to the email was a picture of our school building – Wembley Independent Grammar – which no longer exists. The site was demolished many years ago and in its place is a whole “new” housing estate.

Looking at the photograph brought back a flood of memories: I certainly made some good friends, and I sometimes wonder what happened to the majority of my classmates. The only one I have remained in contact with is Tony [he who sent the photo]. Seems Tony might have found this in the following website, as I just stumbled upon it myself: The link is of the school pupils and teachers. I’m there somewhere: I think I was at the end of the back row. Tony actually has a copy of the photo at his home [I lost my copy years ago], but what a great find. I will have to join the website and see if I can track down my friends from my senior school, Christs College Finchley which I went to in 1969/70……… what fun!!


Wembley Independant Grammar School Building circa 1966

Wembley Independent Grammar School Building circa 1966


RLB – Tomewriter




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2 responses to “My Old School……

  1. Byron Silvera

    It is interesting what one unearths after the years have gone by. I remember this building well. This was also my school c. 1965. We don’t know each other but I thank you for your post; having been a Wembley boy.

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