Old Photos

CCF Geology Field Trip 1969 - Top of Great Gable

It’s pretty cool stuff when starting to look through old photos. Having recently joined the website “Friends Reunited” it inspired me to have a hunt around my old photos to see if I had any from school days. Unfortunately I could only find one. Isn’t it a shame really when at the time, I probably had loads more, but one gets complacent never thinking that one day you would enjoy looking back to those days.

This one and only photo is me at the very top of Great Gable one of the highest, if not the highest, peak in the Lake District of England. I will hasten to add this is my favourite of all counties of England, especially around Grasmere and Kendall. This photo was taken in April 1969 when my classmates and teacher from Christs College Finchley in North London were on a Geological Field Trip.

RLB – Tomewriter

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