Spring Holiday – Day One…

Am currently on leave – Hooray!! Need a break – if you can call it one though… I’m house and dog sitting for my son whilst he’s away relaxing in Melbourne [until Thursday] then he flies up to Cairns. Lucky Sod!!

Meanwhile I’m decorating his bathroom from a yucky green to a sky blue; in fact it’s called: Blue Passion. The door and window frames will be painted in Hot Pop Blue; should cheer it up a bit. In between all this I’m taking advantage of the break to play with Riggs, the dog, and do some writing.

I was expecting an electrician this morning. He told me he’d be there at 7.30am. So to be ready for him I got up at 6am; had a cup of tea and played with Riggs for a while before giving him some breakfast whilst I went to get showered and dressed.

By 9am and still no-show from the tradesman, I phoned and left a message on his voicemail. He phoned back about 15 minutes later; it seems he forgot to book my job in. He’s now coming on Thursday instead. Actually the forecast for Thursday is 30*C so when the electrician is finished I’ll be off to Terrigal to enjoy the sea air and perhaps some fish and chips – yummy!

But today I’ve done the preparation work before the painting; did a bit of shopping: paint, weed killer – think I’ll do a bit of gardening whilst I’m here , frozen TV dinners, and ice cream: Well I am on holiday!! As I walked past the BBQ chickens I couldn’t resist buying a half of one for my lunch in a bread roll. Of course when I got home, I was persuaded by those large sad brown eyes to part with some of it… which he devoured with gusto. He is now pacing the deck like a caged lion wondering when I’ll stop hitting this keyboard to go out and play with him.

He did this to me yesterday and as always I don’t have the heart to ignore him for too long. In the end I abandoned any idea of work on the book until I put him to bed. I then worked for a couple of hours on the novel before retiring myself at around 11.30pm. I expect this is how the week will pan out.

I don’t mind just as long as I can get to finish the novella by the weekend. At the same time I have been researching for my next project. Still keeping to a historical genre although unlike my previous novels which are set in the 17th and 18th centuries, this one will be played out during World War II. That’s all I’m prepared to mention at this stage.

Well, that’s it for today – ball throwing waits for no man!!

RLB – Tomewriter

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One response to “Spring Holiday – Day One…

  1. Sounds like someone is being very spoilt 🙂 Good luck finishing your novella!

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