Spring Holiday – Day Two… Kids!!

I did tell you I was on holiday? It is now 4.30pm and I’m absolutely knackered.

I began early… ish; letting the dog out and letting him sort himself out in the garden. Whilst I made a cup of tea, he sat patiently at the door with his trusted ball in his jaws.

How could I not oblige? With cup of tea in one hand and soggy ball in the other, I played with Riggs a little while before getting set to attack the bathroom. Donning my old clothes – kept especially for decorating jobs I armed myself with brush, roller, paint, etc.

Switching the radio on and twiddled the dial until I found some reasonably pleasant music to keep us both entertained. Of course Riggs wasn’t too impressed after 30 minutes or so of being ignored and having spotted me at the bathroom window, which overlooks the back garden, he began to bark rather annoyingly. I did try to tell him to be quiet as he was drowning out the music, but to no avail. I put down tools and brought him in to show him what I was up to. I asked him if he liked the colour, but I don’t think he was too impressed – did I hear him mumble it clashed with the blue of his ball…

He won as always, not that I’m changing the colour – I may change his ball though!! I needed a small break anyway; at least for 5 minutes. Back to it for another hour until the first coat was done. Standing back it looked nice.

I went out to Bunning’s again to purchase a 4 in 1 heater/light/extractor fan as the one in the bathroom is defective – the extractor fan has never worked; and it’s been one of those jobs which keep being put off. However as the electrician is coming on Thursday  I thought I would take advantage of his presence and get the job done.

Hello… the neighbours down the valley must be home… the music is at full blast: At least its good old Rock and Roll… it could have been some head banging rubbish then I would have been forced to close the door and switch on the air conditioning.

The other thing I did when I returned from the shops was to assemble a high pressure cleaner which Brad had asked for at his last birthday [2012], but despite the “have to have” urgency of it has remained in its box unopened – Kids!!!

That done I went back to give the bathroom a second coat of paint. One hour later it was all done – Hooray!! Tomorrow I’ll paint the window and door frames.

OK… let’s test the cleaner. Connected it all up to hose and electrical socket in the front garden only to find the tap connector has a leak – sod it!! And guess what of the two taps in the back garden one was broken and the other not compatible with the tap at the front!

So disconnecting all from the front I moved to the back, but not wanting to risk Riggs getting in the way of the high pressure in case anything went wrong, I decided he should go into his room out-of-the-way. Riggs however had different ideas. Then began the chase around the garden until I managed to corner him and forcibly showed him the door. Not an easy task when the reluctant chap weighs in at 50kgs… Much to his disgust and repeated barking of “Let me out” I attempted the high pressure hose test again.

  • Water all connected – check.
  • Plugged into the electrical socket – check
  • Release safety on trigger – check
  • Switch on – hooray we have lift off!!

It worked beautifully. Disconnected everything and put all away then released the hound…

Feeling guilty at having locked him up, I spent some time playing ball with him. Not too sure if that is a correct terminology: he chews the ball stripping bits of it and spitting them out; every now and again he’ll make a mistake and I manage to grab it and chuck it for him to run after. In 48 hours he successfully managed to utterly destroy one ball; he’s now started on another…

By 2pm the worms were biting having had no breakfast [I forgot]. Went to the fridge but the light wasn’t on when I opened the door – odd I thought. Looked at the microwave and the clock was definitely not on… Now What!! [Or words to that effect]. Went out to the meter box and the safety switch had tripped out – the only thing I can think which might have caused it was the high pressure hose. I’ll get the electrician to take a look at it.

Lunch consisted of a cheese sandwich and some crisps [out of date but still edible]: oh! Did I say “Kids”?

Don’t get me wrong here, I love my son to bits, but there must come a point when even he must say: “I really should do a few things around the house” – here’s hoping things might change when the next milestone is reached next Tuesday: hard to believe where the years go… as he hits 30!!

It’s now 5.30pm – time to sign off and watch Hot Seat. I’ll get back on the computer later and do some more work on the book. Last night I managed to reach 17,000 words. Only 1,000 more to hit my target. If I can go beyond all well and good, but it all depends on where the story goes and if my characters want to hang develop it further – it’s up to them: they can decide if the story is finished or not.

RLB – Tomewriter


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