Spring Holiday – Day Three… Who’s counting!!

Don’t know why but woke up at 6am with a thumping headache – felt like I was having a hangover: if only that was the reason…

My only conclusion to it might have been as a result of constantly switching glasses from reading to distance several times yesterday. It could also be due to the heat but I doubt it. I need the reading glasses for close work, such as the computer or painting. Initially I had the distance glasses for driving, although these days I’m finding them a necessary accessory. So to save the hassle of constantly switching I had multifocal lenses put in to my old frames, which is fine at the best of times; but as I said for constant close work I must have the reading glasses… Jeez I just read this back: My life must sound really boring…

On the other hand I have to fill up this blog somehow!!

Nice day in Wyoming today – very hot indeed: at least it helped the paint dry quickly. I’m pleased to say [and I expect you are too] I’ve finished the painting. It doesn’t look too bad. You don’t have to take my word for it – when I get home next week I’ll upload the before and after photos and you can decide.


Sandra's Photos - All 014        Sandra's Photos - All 022

               Before                      &                      After

I suppose if I don’t make my fortune with my novels I could become a decorator… or here’s an idea why don’t I write about the do’s and don’ts in how to paint a bathroom??

On the subject of my writing I’m well on the way to achieving the target I set for myself which was 18,000 words minimum. Last night’s effort helped me reach 17,600 words. Looking forward to tonight as I know I’ll have hit the target.

Anyway, today so far has been a bit of a lazy day; apart from finishing off the painting, playing with Riggs, a bit of gardening and general tidying up outside I haven’t done much else. Oh! And it is bin collection day tomorrow so had to put the bins out – isn’t my holiday exciting!! And the most exciting of all was to don some rubber gloves and armed with a small spade and two plastic bags [one inside the other] I went around the back garden in search of land mines. There were enough to fill the bag!!! The worse of it is I did the same exercise Monday afternoon; I’m beginning to wonder if Riggs is the only dog in the back garden.

I know what you are thinking – why doesn’t he take the dog out for a walk: If only I could… Alas, Riggs is far too powerful for my dodgy hips and I’m not as strong as I used to be. I’m certainly not like any of the hunks my fellow romance writers’ show on their book covers! Unfortunately, Riggs never attended any puppy training classes. Even though we offered to pay for it, Brad was adamant the dog didn’t need it as he is fine with him. But what about the times when you’re not around Sonny Jim?? Oh Well, we make do. Fortunately it is a large back garden and Riggs gets exercised of sorts when I throw the ball for him. Might not be ideal but it’s the best I can do. Pity really, because right now I would be taking him to a beach somewhere for him to have a bit of fun instead of him pacing the deck restlessly because I’m typing and he’s bored!!

Fingers crossed the electrician arrives tomorrow. He’s done loads of work for us in the past so I don’t really want to use anyone else [for any locals reading this: Stuart Millington Electrician of Berowra – he does good work and is reasonable with his charges].

That’s it from me. Even though it’s only 3pm I’m off to play with Riggs and then much later I’ll be back on the computer to write more of my novella and expect to play Candy Crush on Facebook…

RLB – Tomewriter

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