Spring Holiday – Day Four… RATS!!!

Early start today – 6am: As usual let the dog out and made a cup of tea. I stood out on the deck to play with the dog – minus ball: destroyed yesterday and I threw out the remnants.  Then I got myself ready in anticipation of the electrician’s arrival. At 7am there was a knock on door – Yippee!!

Stuart and an assistant electrician arrived [apologies if he’s reading this, but I’ve forgotten his name]. They professionally replaced the heater/fan/light in the bathroom – looks really nice, and replaced the broken power points in the laundry. I then told him of the hassle with the high pressure cleaner and the dodgy light fitting in the outside toilet. As he tested the wiring it became apparent the problem was with the loo. Every time the light switch was flipped on it tripped out the mains. There was nothing for it but to pull out all the wiring.

Before Brad had purchased the property the house had been allegedly renovated. Some of the neighbours we had talked to after he had moved in had said the builders must have arrived on horseback packing six-guns!! I was trying to be polite, but there is no other way of saying they were a bunch of “Cowboys”…

The saga today only strengthened my feelings for them. When the electrician tried to remove the cover of the light switch he found the door frame had been fitted over it!! Only one thing for it – the frame had to be cut so they could get access to the light switch… Oh Boy!! What a find!! Where you expect to find only one wire from switch to light and extractor fan [as there is no window], there must have been a dozen or so!!! I could see Stuart wince at the sight as he needed to check every one of them to find out which was causing the tripping out. I felt sorry for them what was thought would be a simple job was turning into a nightmare. Worse, I couldn’t even make them a cup of tea or coffee as there was no power to the house as we had unplugged all the appliances so he could carry out his tests effectively and efficiently.

Using a smart little gadget – a TV camera at the end of a probe with a light and backing into a handheld receiver/viewing panel Stuart fed the gizmo into the opening where the ceiling light was. He could see something was not right. Getting my permission he cut through a section of weatherboard [the house is entirely constructed of weatherboard with tile roof on brick piers as it is a sloping block] to reveal the wiring. The pungent odour of vermin urine hit his nostrils nearly knocking him off the step-ladder. Every wire had been stripped bare – hence the shorting every time the light was switched on. It’s amazing it hadn’t happened sooner – Brad’s been in this house at least 4 years. It’s also a blessing that Stuart wasn’t able to come Monday as he was able to fix this really nasty problem. In the end it was safer to replace all the wiring in that section. It would be left up to me to fix the gap.

All tested to their satisfaction and wire cut offs cleared away it was time to pay the bill. Considering all the work they did and that they were on site for over two and a half hours I thought $456.50 was money well spent. At least I know the house is safe from faulty wiring. There have been too many house fires in NSW recently some due to faulty wiring.

In all this time poor Riggs had been locked away in his room for his own safety and for the peace of mind for the tradesmen. One never knows how the dog might react, but more so with doors open here and there, there was a danger Riggs might have bolted. Had that had happened Brad would never have forgiven me.

He was so grateful when I let him out, and when I gave him some dry food and clean water with ice cubes I got my faced licked when I put the bowls down.

I had to go shopping as he is running out of food and I wanted to get some more DIY products including some Ratsak. In the end, I never put the rat poison in the gap where the wiring is [underneath the kitchen] for Riggs’ sake. Even though it would be well out of reach, I thought perhaps if any rat does eat any of it some may spill to the ground and as Riggs is rather partial to anything blue it could have lethal consequences; so best to be safe than sorry. I fixed the gap by using some wire gutter guard and stapling it to the wooden surrounds. It’s only a temporary measure until I can figure out how to properly repair it at a later date.

Anyway, as I had no breakfast I stopped at MacDonald’s for brunch, and then went onto Coles to do the shopping. Guess who’s got a brand new ball?? Mind you, you have to laugh at these pet toy manufacturers. Vita Pet claims the product is:

  • “Boredom Breakers for persistent chewers”
  • “Tough and durable”
  • “They could play for hours”

At $12 one would hope the ball would last for a few days at least. They haven’t designed a ball tough enough for Riggs!! He’s only had it a few hours and it’s almost completely destroyed…

Sandra's Photos - All 034

Riggs and the new ball

He’d been asleep when I started typing this at about 3pm – it’s now 4.30pm [my mum rang from France and I spoke to her for 30 minutes. He’s now getting grumpy so I’ll pick this up a little later on. Almost finished anyway – Riggs is so demanding!!

It’s 8.25pm and it is Rob’s time for some well-earned R & R. Riggs has had his puppy milk, done a wee and is now in bed so I can have some peace. It’s a shame really that the only time he will sit with me quietly chewing on his toys is when we are outside. For some unknown reason known only to Riggs he will not replicate the exercise indoors with one exception. He will come in, sit on his “indoors bed” and chew on a treat courtesy of Schmackos, but once finished he gets restless and walks to the door to be let out. With Brad around he is totally different and gladly comes in and stays calmly – weird!!

Enough about the dog; as for me my I had every intention last night to knock off another 500 words on my manuscript, but I didn’t realise how tired I was. I made the mistake to get onto Facebook, had a game of Candy Crush and then went to bed at 9.30pm [too early for me normally] and uncharacteristically slept through to 5.30am this morning [I usually wake up at least two or three times in the night] – the joys of getting older.

Although I could go on with this and no doubt bore you all further, I’m signing off and will head back in time to the 18th April 1622 aboard the Santa Theresa and find out what my hero and heroine are getting up to. When I left them the other day they were standing side-by-side at the stern quarterdeck enjoying a glorious sunny day whilst he implied his love for her…

RLB – Tomewriter

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  1. Wow, lucky the electrician found the problem before it caused a disaster. And for a very cheap price too!

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