Spring Holiday – Day Five… Dog Hair and Fish & Chips!!

Friday already – my goodness where has the week gone?

The holiday is almost over and although I have not stopped being busy around Brad’s house, apart from a couple of hours or so on the computer a day I haven’t really had a “break”.

So today was going to be a day for myself, and in a way it turned out to be if only for a few hours.

As much as Riggs is a short-haired German shepherd it’s the molting season [all year round for him] and his hair seems to be everywhere. I have been “closing my eyes” to it all week, but I couldn’t stand it any longer. So today armed with the vacuum cleaner and a broom I got to work and cleaned the place of hair, dust, and a few cobwebs thrown in. I’ll do a better job of it on Sunday; tomorrow I’m going home and spend some quality time with my wife.

I left Brad’s at around 10.30am and headed out to Terrigal – it was beautiful. Not quite a millpond, but close. I had a nice long walk along the front and did some window shopping, and then tucked in to some fish and chips enjoying the wonderful vista.

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Lunch with a view

I finished off with an ice cream before heading back to the car.

From Terrigal I went to Erina Fair for a few necessities, especially chicken necks for Riggs. Tonight however he will be having steak – I bought him a juicy portion of rump [visions of Shirley Valentine spring to mind – for those of you who have seen this brilliant movie you’ll know what I mean!!].

I wasn’t able to get all I wanted – too bad; there’s always another day. By then I was hot and bothered and all I wanted was to get back and have a cold beer.

The one thing I am pleased about though is that last night I managed to surpass my minimum target for my novella: I finished on 18,064 words. I am now aiming to write another 2,000 over the next four nights [Friday-Monday] – fingers crossed the creative juices will flow freely for me to conquer this target.

Meanwhile it is almost 5pm so I had better give you know who some of my time…

RLB – Tomewriter

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