Spring Holiday – Day Six… Rosmarinus Officinalis

An utterly lazy day today – I can honestly say I don’t feel any guilt whatsoever. Although I didn’t get up too early, I certainly didn’t sleep in either. I was off home to spend some time with Sandra [my wife – for those who have just started to read my blog].

After breakfast I headed out and down the F3 – sorry I should say the M1 Motorway – because the Road and Traffic Authority in their wisdom have decided not to confuse us motorist with the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway a distance of 127.1 km (79 mi) that has been known as the F3 since the early 1960s. One wonders how much this exercise has cost in changing all the road signs, when the money could have been better spent in repairing the blasted roadway instead!!

Getting off the soapbox now… I arrived in Berowra at around 11.30am. Had a cup of tea and a chat, and then we set off to the pub for some lunch. She had a very nice John Dory fillet, whilst I opted for the chicken breast stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes. The food has certainly improved at the Berowra Tavern these last few months – new chef??

Afterwards Sandra stopped at Civic Video and hired a few movies to watch over the weekend. By around 3pm I was back on the motorway going back to the Central Coast and once there I drove to Bunning’s to purchase a plant to replace a dead one which is on Brad’s front deck. As it was necessary to find a plant which likes full sun and has fragrant foliage I chose a Tuscan Blue Rosemary. It got planted as soon as I arrived – one less job to do tomorrow, which is going to be full on.

Even though I finished painting the bathroom last Wednesday, these last couple of days I’ve noticed bits which got overlooked. I will therefore need to touch up these oversights or there will be no doubt a few comments made… Then there’s shopping to do: it never ends!! And I still need to finish my novella.

I think I was being too optimistic yesterday when I hoped to add another 2000 words by Monday night. Last night I spent most of the time re-reading what I had written so far and made a few changes. I then did some more writing but I didn’t hit the 500 word target [only half that amount]. As for tonight, as I am writing this blog I don’t know whether I’ll get much more of the novella done, although I’ll give it a go; besides I need to have my Candy Crush fix!!

RLB – Tomewriter


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