Spring Holiday – Day Seven… Annoying bird

It must be spring as that most annoying bird is back. The Common Koel [scientific name: Eudynamys orientalis] Click on the link and check out the bird call – you’ll recognise it straight away if you live in Australia: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Eudynamys-orientalis

Mind you I currently also have an annoying dog who keeps barking because he’s not getting any attention.

Who said Sunday is a day of rest? Obviously whoever it was doesn’t live in Wyoming on the Central Coast!!

I have tried to have a relaxing day, apart from planning to finish touching up the paintwork in the bathroom. I set off at around 9.30am to do yet more shopping. On my return a neighbour from across the streets asked if I could help resolve an issue with his front door. No Problem – nothing longer wood screws couldn’t fix.

Then after finishing off the painting which took less than an hour I spent a fair bit of time with Riggs, just soaking up the sun on the back deck and throwing a yucky, slimy ball.

At 4pm I decided to write-up today’s blog; no sooner had I started that Riggs started his barking, and then the phone rang. It was my elder sister calling from France. We had a nice chat.

Continuing with my updates on the progress of my novella; I’m well pleased at having finished last night on 300 words short of 19,000. I am confident it will be finished tonight and then begins the editing stage.

When I’m finally done with it I shall ask for a couple of volunteers to be the first to read it to give me their honest opinion. A word of warning before you volunteer – the “blush” factor is extremely high on this book: it’s definitely not for kids.

When I was at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Fremantle last month I approached a couple of editors if they would be interested in viewing the novella. Both agreed, so as soon as I feel the book is ready I shall send it through to each of them and hope for the best.

RLB – Tomewriter

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