Spring Holiday – Last Day… Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday 1st October 2013 – Happy 30th Birthday, Brad.

They say dogs have a sixth sense and Riggs isn’t an exception. Perhaps it’s because I may have changed my routine this morning or maybe he just guessed something was up – whatever it was, he was sulking.

I must admit I was rushing about a bit changing sheets on the bed and doing a bit of extra tidying up in the house and packing away my things; but he’s a dog for goodness sake what would he know? And that’s the thing… he does know!! Clever chap…

I was out the house by 8.30am and back in Berowra to join Sandra and Brad for his birthday breakfast – a good old fry up.

After the family got themselves ready we headed out at about 11am for the Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant at Gladesville. We had an excellent lunch: entrée’s and mains only as dessert awaited us at Brad’s. As I mentioned it in “Day Eight” I had purchased a cake and some sparkling wine.

Sandra's Photos - All 045

We drove back to Berowra to pick up Brad’s things and his beaten up old car which leaks oil everywhere and the garage have said it requires a new gearbox. So far between Brad and Sandra a small fortune has already been spent in repair bills on this vehicle – a 1992 Toyota Corolla Seca. Though it might have been good at one time it has now become a cash drain.

As I was fed up in hearing about all the problems and heart-wrenching stories of breakdowns etc., last Saturday I put a deposit on a 2008 Holden Astra Wagon [Automatic, one owner at a reasonable price]. I told the dealer it was on the condition that Brad like’s it and test drives it to his satisfaction otherwise the deal is off.

Sandra accompanied Brad in the Toyota whilst I followed in our car and had told him to stop at the Holden Dealership at West Gosford to pick up “his present”. Needlesstosay his eyes lit up. When we got there Sandra and Brad set off for a long test drive – too long: I was beginning to wonder where they had got to, but after 30 minutes or so they came back – Brad a huge smile on his face.

Off I went to their accounts office and transfers finalised Brad drove off in his new car…

Brad Car 2

At his place out came the bubbly and cake:

Sandra's Photos - All 056

… and one very happy dog was glad to have us all there to share with him in the celebration as a new milestone is reached… 30 years old today: Hopefully the start of a new chapter in his life and ours.

RLB – Tomewriter

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One response to “Spring Holiday – Last Day… Happy Birthday!!

  1. kerriepaterson

    Happy birthday to your son!

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