Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Travel Log 21

It was August 2010 when we flew out on a Virgin Australia flight to the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend. Hiring a car on arrival we set off to Noosa where I had booked accommodation at the Noosa Blue Resort.

Having looked at their website prior to booking, the resort offered self-contained suites with spa baths, individual BBQs on the terrace/balconies, swimming pool, bar and restaurant, and on-site parking; couldn’t ask for better so we booked for a couple of days.

On arrival the room allocated to us was on the ground floor. It was dark and quite dingy. The terrace offered no privacy with our neighbouring rooms and a sign on the BBQ advised it was broken. The TV was on the blink and its remote was faulty. Not that we planned to stay much in our room, but it would be nice to be able to use the facilities on offer especially for the price we paid.

We were disappointed further when we were told the bar and restaurant only operated in summer, so this was turning into quite a letdown. It would have been better to have paid a little extra and stayed at one of the numerous hotels near the beach.

The location of the Noosa Blue Resort at 16 Noosa Drive was too far out of the town and the beach to actually walk it; and as the resort was at the brow of a hill it would have been too much of a hike to walk it in either direction anyway – so just as well we had the car.

On the first evening we drove back into the town and did a bit of shopping at the local Independent Grocer supermarket buying a few necessities such as milk, bread, tea, water, lemonade, etc. Fortunately across the street was a bar and licensed bottle shop so we were able to buy a couple of bottles of wine.

The first night we were there however we drove to the beach area to investigate and check out the restaurants and cafés; and settled for a delightful Indian restaurant for our evening meal. The food was superb as was the service.

It might be nice to have a spa in the room, but the only drawback is that the resort does not recommend to guests as when not to use it… as it happened for us we were woken in the early hours of the morning by the mechanical thrusters of the infernal thing from guests in the room above us. I am sure they had a wonderful exotic or perhaps even erotic experience in the bubbling water whilst not even considering [perhaps it didn’t even dawn on them] the noise would disturb all those around and beneath them.

The following morning we set off to the famous Eumundi Markets. Following the directions on the map we obtained from the hotel’s reception foyer Eumundi was easily located. Parking the car in the designated car park – a large field at the edge of the town, we set off to investigate the surroundings.

Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 011  Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 009  Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 008

Eumundi is a small town situated in the Queensland hinterland. It was established in the late 1800’s and is located 118kms north of Brisbane. The markets were started in 1979 when a couple of friends decided to start-up a farmers and artisan market. Today the market is occupied by around six hundred stalls and is visited annually by approximately 1.6 million people.

We had a nice morning until Sandra, my wife, took a tumble crossing a street falling flat on her face. She was fortunate there were not any on-coming vehicles at the time which could have made the situation worse.  I helped her up and with thanks to a fellow shopper who also came to the rescue we sat her on a bench whilst I looked for someone with first aid experience.

How utterly disgusting that in such a large venue where so many visitors are about there was not one First Aid Station, nor did we see any police officers patrolling the area. In the end a couple of volunteers manning the Information Kiosk provided a band-aid or two and cleaned up her abrasions. They had no drinking water, so I was obliged to purchase a couple of bottles for us to consume. I think I must have been in a state of shock from the experience as I was left quite shaken. Sandra wears glasses and during the fall the frames were damaged; fortunately the lenses survived the impact.

Once she [and I] had fully recovered I suggested we had back to Noosa to have lunch at the local surf club. However, prior to us setting off Sandra said she had just one more purchase to make… how could she even think of buying anything after such a fall?? I should know better when there’s shopping to be done nothing interrupts the purchase of something wanted – not even an injury! I must agree the cushion covers which I bought for her are nice and suit our lounge suite perfectly…

We left the markets and drove to the Noosa Heads Surf Club for lunch. The food was beautiful as was the view so we gladly ambled away the rest of the afternoon lazily eating our meal followed by a leisurely walk along the water’s edge jealously admiring the beachside apartments and hotels which hugged the foreshore.

Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 012  Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 013  Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 015

As evening fell we returned to our hotel room to try to watch some TV and snack on pizza – we should have stayed at the beach!!

If I was to rate the Noosa Blue Resort I’m afraid the best I can do is scoring it at most a 4/10 – we shan’t be back.

The following morning we set off to spend a night in Maroochydore before returning to Sydney. We drove along the David Low Way stopping at Coolum for a coffee and to take a look at the town which has been slowly developing since its establishment in the late 1800’s.

Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 020

Parks border the beach and several shops and cafés line the esplanade which is also the main road. As with all beachside towns throughout Australia Coolum’s Surf Life Savers’ club is the centre of activity for the community and visitors.

Leaving Coolum behind, we made our way to the Sebel Hotel/Apartments at Maroochydore arriving at around lunchtime. We checked in and were bowled over when we walked into the room – it was a two bedroom apartment on practically the highest floor – one short of the penthouse – or so it felt: the views were breathtaking:

Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 027  Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 032

It was a nice high to finish the holiday on after that dreadful hotel in Noosa; and made us wish we had spent our entire time here instead.

Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 035

We lunched at the Surf Club at Mooloolaba [] and spent the afternoon at the hotel pool. That evening after watching the sunset from our balcony we dined at the Blue Bar near the hotel [on the corner of Maroubra Street and Aerodrome Road]. Their food and ambiance was excellent.

Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 037  Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 044

The following morning before setting off to the airport we enjoyed a MacDonald’s breakfast from the tranquility of our high-rise balcony enjoying some of the best views ever…

 Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 038  Sunshine Coast Aug 2010 039

RLB – Tomewriter


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