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The Sword and the Rose – To be e-Published April 2014


The Sword and the Rose will be e-published in April 2014 by Secret Cravings Publishing and will be available at Amazon.

Copyright 2013 © Louise Roberts

Brothers, Iago, the Sword, and Ferdinando, the Rose, return from a sea voyage. On their arrival home, Ferdinando proposes marriage to Margherita, who refuses in the hope Iago makes a similar offer. He does not. Instead Iago departs to fight a war. And disappointed Ferdinando travels to Naples to study law.

Margherita is sent to her sister, Isabella, in Valencia. She is introduced to a potential suitor Don Ramón de Cabezon. When her brother, Miguel, arrives to fetch her to Cullera, Ramón kills Miguel.

On Ferdinando’s return to Spain Margherita relents and a romance blooms but she will not commit to marriage until her brother is avenged. Only when Iago comes home that the brothers find justice for Miguel.  During a banquet, Iago announces he will marry Margherita. Ferdinando is enraged leading to an illegal duel. There can only be one winner and victory comes at a very high price…

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