Moving On To The Next Book…

With The Sword and the Rose all done and dusted and happily selling… yes a few copies have been sold already. I received my first statement from the publishers last weekend to show the total sales for April. Considering the book hit the distributors on the 29th April the tally for two days’ sales were okay – not brilliant; but it’s early days.

Now it is time to be moving on to the next book…

Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms has gone through all the editing stages and I’m just waiting for the final copy for sign off.

No rush to receive it though as I have been given the scheduled release date: 26th June 2014.

However I expect it should arrive soon so that the Publisher can have the book available for anyone who wants to pre-order.

Then once this is out for sale I should be able to resume with the other three projects which I had placed on hold.

Looking forward to picking them up again as I have been a bit slack lately ignoring them whilst spending too much time on Facebook.

RLB – Tomewriter



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