Who says I can’t cook?

So it was decided it was my turn to cook dinner last Sunday evening No problem I said. Raiding the pantry I found a packet of Continental Cook in the bag Fish – Teriyaki and a packet of Continental Rice – Oriental flavour. Fortunately there were two pieces of fish thawing in the fridge. There were some carrots, Bok Choy, honey, and soy sauce. Armed with the ingredients I set off to work.

 Teriyaki Dinner 1

 The instructions on both packets were easy to follow. First I switched on the oven to 180*C to warm it up, whilst began to prepare the meal. I peeled and sliced the carrots, then washed and chopped the Bok Choy:

 Teriyaki Dinner 2Teriyaki Dinner 3

Next I rinsed the fish and dabbed it dry with paper towelling, and mixed the base sauce with the honey, water and soy sauce.

 Teriyaki Dinner 4Teriyaki Dinner 5Teriyaki Dinner 6

The next step was simple enough, even for a guy to understand….. Place the bag onto a baking dish (which I had first sprayed with oil to stop it from sticking), and then placed the vegetables in the bag, laying the fish on them before pouring the sauce mix on the food:

 Teriyaki Dinner 7

Using the small blue tie I sealed the bag, making sure I cut 4 smallish holes in the bag to allow the steam to escape. Then I placed the baking dish into the oven and set the timer for 20 minutes:

OK. That was easy enough. As it wasn’t going to take 20 minutes to cook the rice, I watched a bit of TV for a while. Hey! Even the cook needs a break!!

 Teriyaki Dinner 8Teriyaki Dinner 9

Time to cook the rice. Out comes the microwave proof dish. Empty the contents of the packet of Continental Rice – Oriental flavour into it and add two tablespoons of Flora Pro-Activ margarine. Pour about half a cup of hot water onto it and stir with a fork making sure all the ingredients are evenly mixed.

Once that is done, place the lid on securely and put it in the microwave oven for 4 minutes. When the time is up, take it out and remove the lid carefully as steam might escape and burn you. If the water has fully evaporated, top it up with about a quarter of a cup of hot water; stir again with the fork, reseal the lid and return it to the microwave for a further 3.20 minutes. By the time the rice is cooked, the fish is just about done. So I removed the dish from the oven, open the bag and try the fish – it is perfect.

Teriyaki Dinner 10

With the food all cooked there was only one thing left to do – dish up and sit down for dinner – all in under 40 minutes. Pretty Good – and so was the meal.

RLB – Tomewriter

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