Mesmerising Pools

Sandra's Eyes 

As I gaze into her rich pale blue coloured eyes I find myself drawn into them.   A brown blemish in one eye adds intrigue and depth  into this fantasy. Slowly, but surely, brown shoreline which is edged with a variety of succulent vegetation. Ferns with deeply green foliage act as a back cloth     to a range of pink, purple and red orchids,

Orchids each more beautiful than its neighbour.

Water falling             from a high cliff         into the pools creates a fine               mist of spray                    bathing the surrounding air        with welcoming            coolness.




The whole area    is an explosion of              glorious sounds, richly               painted colours           and vibrant aromas.

Butterfly Multi-coloured              butterflies fill   my view as          

bright humming-birds feed off nectar

Humming Bird


enriched  plants   and kingfishers          dive into the

Kingfisherpools to               retrieve some               unsuspecting fish.


 Sandra's Eyes  Her eyes blink snapping me back to reality.

She is smiling.

Could she know what I was thinking?

RLB – Tomewriter


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