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Letter from a Stranger… Under Contract

Well Done Louise… even though this means my own project gets delayed to allow for the editing processes to final publication of Letter from a Stranger. Wishing you many more successes :o)

Louise Roberts Author

What a great way to end the week… on a high from having been offered a publishing contract for Letter from a Stranger by Luminosity Publishing, UK.

I just want to say thanks to the readers who took the time to read the first draft and pass judgment, and particularly to Tory who not only read it, but provided some editing tips, as well as a title name change. It will be coffee and cake to celebrate in the very near future – Thanks Tory :o)

Now the fun really starts [or should I say hard work]; as one of my LinkedIn and Facebook Friends, Catherine, said… writing the book was the easy part!

I know I’m no stranger [no pun intended] to the editing process of my books, but it is always daunting and very, very exciting… As they said in ancient Rome: Let the games begin. I…

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