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Moving On…

With Letter from a Stranger released it is time to move on to existing projects. Passionate Harvest still needs to be completed so I shall be concentrating on this novella moving forward.

However, over the last few days I have been piecing together the plan, synopsis and blurb for the next book in the Romance in War Series.

I was going to hold this back for a while, but after the excitement in completing Letter from a Stranger I couldn’t resist in carrying out the initial research and putting pen to paper for the next book in the series: Dragoon Serenade. The title came about from my love of all things Glen Miller – in particular the number Moonlight Serenade, and of course the code name of the Allied Landings in southern France that were launched on 15th August 1944: Operation Dragoon.

By wanting nothing more than to start writing this story [I tell a lie I have already written the first 1,000 words], I am determined to complete Passionate Harvest as soon as possible.

I suppose I had better end this blog, so I can get on with what I should be doing… writing my stories.

If you don’t hear from  me for a while it will be because I am trying to deal with my ever demanding alter ego :o)

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