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RELEASE DAY ALERT: Camille Taylors’ ‘Not Forgotten’

Loved the blurb… so will add this to my “to read” list. Great cover as well.


Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten
Camille Taylor

Detective Matt Murphy is assigned the case no one else wants.

The Butcher is a ghost, killing all over Australia for years, and now he’s made the coastal city of Harbour Bay his hunting ground. Up against a brick wall, Matt has no choice but to contact the only surviving witness-seventeen-year-old Hallie Walker. But Hallie has been in a psychological rehabilitation centre since the double murder five years ago, and Matt needs help.

Gifted psychologist Natalie Miller sees a lot of herself in Hallie and vows to help her heal.

Natalie is no stranger to a violent past, and is usually wary of men. She is stunned by her response to the hot detective, and becomes determined to not only see Hallie released-as she believes the girl has been misdiagnosed-but to help Matt solve this unsolvable case.

Matt and Natalie face danger at every turn, but…

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Fried Brain?

I had hoped that the writers’ conference I attended the last month in Melbourne would have done something towards creating that spark one needs to kick-start my writing again.

Fat chance: For some unknown reason I just can’t seem to get into my current works in progress. I had high hopes that I would have at least finished my two novellas by now to leave me time to write my prequel to Out of the Darkness. It is becoming rather disheartening that my motivation seems to have fizzled out… for now at least.

What didn’t help of course was the collapse of my US publisher at the commencement of this month. Even though they have reverted my publishing rights for my two books [and mum’s novel] it does mean that I have to start all over again trying to find a publisher willing to take them on.

That, and also waiting to hear back from the publishers that I had pitched to at the RWA Conference for Out of the Darkness. Of the three publishers [not mentioning any names for fear of jinxing myself] I haven’t heard back at all just yet. What caught me off guard though this week was receiving an email from a publisher I had submitted the book to in April and had totally discounted due to five months that had elapsed from when I had sent the book to them with the following response:

Thank you for your manuscript submission.

We apologise for the delay in response, we have had a change in staff which has unfortunately resulted in a backlog of submissions.

We appreciate your patience, and we endeavour to assess your manuscript over the next month.

So there’s still hope out there then??

There is also hope for The Sword and the Rose; Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms; and Mum’s book A Tangled Web when the publisher I contacted in the UK [again not mentioning any names – I’m not usually superstitious, but it doesn’t hurt to keep quiet just in case] regarding them sent me the following acknowledgement:

Hi Robert,

How lovely to hear from you – and I am sorry to hear about what’s happened to Secret Cravings.

I’ve actually moved on and work on a different imprint, but will send these over to my colleagues on the acquisition team, who I’m sure will be in touch in due course.

So with all these things happening in my writing world and having recently started with a new day job to keep the income coming in to pay the bills my brain seems to have fried itself to the point where I am getting headaches and dizzy spells. So much so that a visit to the doctor got me referred to have an MRI of my brain resulting to a further referral to see a specialist. The appointment has been scheduled [at a cost of $400 for the consultation] and I’m due to see him in a couple of weeks. No doubt he’ll confirm there is a brain, but will he be able to tell whether it is truly fried?

My free time these days comprises of being either on Facebook, LinkedIn, watching TV, helping around the house or reading. I just wish I could do some writing… I do miss my characters and the mischief they get into. I expect there will come a time that something will snap and I’ll be joining in their adventures once again.

RLB – Tomewriter


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Secret Cravings Publishing – Thanks for everything, you will be missed

It is every author’s dream to have their work accepted by a third-party publisher and it is this recognition that your work is worthy of being published that keeps us writing. So imagine the sadness a writer feels when the publisher who gave you that first encouragement goes belly up?

Two years ago I received my very first publishing contract for my novella “Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms” from Secret Cravings Publishing, USA; and a few months later a second contract for my saga “The Sword and the Rose” by them as well.

Both books were published and released in 2014.

Also I mustn’t forget that they also published in 2014 my mum’s novel “A Tangled Web” which sold better than my two books together…

Sandy Sullivan and her editorial team were wonderful at ensuring the books well presented by the time they were ready for release. Not forgetting the brilliant art work by Dawne Dominique for the covers.

It was a sad day indeed yesterday when I learnt that my wonderful publisher had closed its doors for the last time.

If only someone out there could have rescued them :o( but it was not to be.

Secret Cravings Publishing you will be missed and I will always be grateful to you for believing in me.

Wishing you all the very best for the future, Sandy Sullivan, and hope that one day Secret Cravings Publishing will be restored.


Robert L J Borg a.k.a. Louise Roberts

and Viviane Elisabeth Borg


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