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A new chapter, a new location…

A new chapter is about to unfold in my life effective early 2016 [end of February/beginning of March].

Although we have been married for just over 27 years and been together for almost 30 years, Sandra and I have come to a decision to legally separate.

I will therefore be relocating back to Europe.

As my mum and elder sister both live in the south of France I have chosen to join them there:


The move to France will allow me to finally achieve my heart’s desire to become a full-time writer.

I currently have three stories waiting to be published:

  • The Sword and the Rose [Book 1 – The Sword and the Rose Series]
  • Embrace Amidst Orange Blossoms [Book 2 – The Sword and the Rose Series]
  • Out of the Darkness [Book 2 – The Mark Lander Chronicles]

Three pending to be finished:

  • Passionate Harvest [Book 3 – The Sword and the Rose Series]
  • Dragoon Serenade [Book 2 – Romance in War Series]
  • When Doves Weep [Book 1 – The Mark Lander Chronicles]

New ones to begin:

  • Neptune’s Landing [Book 3 – Romance in War Series]
  • Warm Nights in Alex [Book 4 – Romance in War Series]
  • Lady of Seville [Book 4 – The Sword and the Rose Series]
  • Nightsafe [Book 3 – The Mark Lander Chronicles]
  • Guardian Angel [Book 4 – The Mark Lander Chronicles]

It is hoped that surrounded by the beauty of the Cote d’Azur, as well as the care and love of family and friends I will be able to conquer my fears as I restart my life far away from Australia.

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