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When Persistence Pays Off

Despite previous set backs I have just signed a 3 year publishing contract with Foundation Books, for my crime novel “Out of the Darkness”.

Needlesstosay I am over the moon that someone liked my story without asking me to change its entire content. Certainly I expect some changes to occur as part of the editing process; that goes without saying. It’s all part of getting the story polished to a standard where the finished article is at its best.

It is envisioned that the release date will be towards the end of 2017, somewhere between autumn and winter. To add to the good news I have learned that Dusktildawn Designs is one of the cover designers that this publisher uses. Considering the brilliant creations that were done for me for “The Sword and the Rose” series I am of course delighted for the opportunity to work with them again. I have asked the publisher to grant this wish if possible.

I shall of course update my blog as developments take place.

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