Hip Replacement Update

For those of you who read my previous blogs relating to my left hip replacement operation – here’s an update on my progress relating to both recent hip replacement operations carried out at the hospital in Antibes.

I know I have been going on a bit about the pain I’ve been experiencing shared on my Facebook page, but maybe you’ll understand why by the following X-Ray photos of my two new hip joints.

The left one was done in July 2017, and the experience was recorded in my thirteen part blog which if you ‘missed’ is now archived under the months of September – October last year.

Apart from the occasional twinge, I’m glad to report that the left hip is now fully recovered:

Left Hip Replacement

The right hip though, is a different story. The operation was carried out 8 weeks ago [7th December 2017], and despite having spent three weeks at the rehab center [I’d spent four weeks for the left hip, which I thought was too much], completed ten physio sessions, applying ice packs two or three times a day, and taking pain killers, I am still experiencing a lot of discomfort. Although I must say it is slowly, but surely, getting better.

This one is taking longer to fix because of the femur fracturing when they were hammering in the prosthesis. They had to wrap a wire around the bone to hold it together. It also seems the prosthesis is in two parts held together with a screw…. Little wonder I’m still experiencing so much pain:

Right Hip Replacement

Yesterday [01/01/18], for the first time since the op, I was able to walk the 2.5 km round trip from home to the physio center in Golfe-Juan without the use of either crutch.

However, at this stage, I am still unable to put my full weight on my right leg, so going up any stairs is impossible unless one at a time with my left leg leading. Going down them is easy.

As of next Monday [5th February 2018] I will be commencing a further twenty physiotherapy sessions, which at three days per week, will see me complete them in time for my next appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Bohic, on 21st March.

A further update will follow after I see him.

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