About – Robert L J Borg a.k.a. Louise Roberts

                                             Robert L J Borg                Louise Roberts

I grew up and was educated in London, England and have always held a passion for history and English Literature.

Although I had immigrated to Australia with my family in 1988, and became an Australian Citizen in July 1991, since 2016 I now reside at the small coastal town of Golfe-Juan located in southern France.

I have been writing poetry and children’s short stories since my teenage years, but only began writing non-fiction and adult fiction novels since the 1990’s having been inspired by my mother, Viviane Elisabeth Borg, who is also a published author

I write Adult Historical Romance Fiction using the pen name Louise Roberts and Crime fiction under my own name, in addition to poetry and travel writing also under my own name.

At present most of my work is published through Luminosity Publishing UK and Smashwords.com and is available through their sites, as well as other well-known distributors such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


RLB – Tomewriter


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