Night Safe

Night Safe

[The Mark Lander Chronicles – Book 2]


Robert L J Borg

Copyright © Robert L J Borg 2018

Current Work in Progress 

Word Count: TBA

The genre of this book is adult crime fiction with sensual romantic elements.


By July 1994 in Australia, police are confident the vigilante who has been preying on the thugs responsible for tormenting passengers on Sydney’s trains, will soon be caught.

Retired war correspondent Mark Lander is contacted by an old army comrade who claims he recognizes the tactics being used by the vigilante. Mark gets in touch with his oldest friend, Detective Sergeant Jim Saunders who is leading the investigating team.

When Chris Hardaker, who had served with both Mark and Jim in Vietnam, learns his two army buddies are involved in the hunt for the vigilante, he can’t resist the opportunity to rekindle his friendship with them.

Since the death of his wife and two young children to a drunken young motorist, Chris’ determination on stamping out mindless violence takes on a new meaning.

However, as the net tightens on the vigilante will Mark’s intuition save him from the killer’s sights?