Night Safe

Night Safe

[The Mark Lander Chronicles – Book 2]


Robert L J Borg

Copyright © Robert L J Borg 2016

Current Work in Progress – Scheduled for 2017

By July 1994 in Australia, police are confident the vigilante who has been preying on the thugs responsible for tormenting passengers on Sydney’s trains, will soon be caught.

When Mark Lander is asked by his friend detective Jim Sanders for help, he recognises military tactics being used by the perpetrator.

Mark contacts his friend Chris Hardaker who had served with him in Vietnam. Although Chris had remained in the army, he was discharged on medical grounds when he had been severely wounded during the Gulf War.

During the three years since the end of that conflict, Chris had set up his own business in pest control and extermination. Following the death of his wife and two young children to a drunken youth who literally got away with murder, Chris’ business has taken on a variation.

As the net tightens will Mark’s intuition save him from the killer’s sights?