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Sensual Liaisons: The Sword and the Rose Collection


Cover Design by Dusktildawn Designs and Luminosity Publishing

All original artwork by Dawné Dominique and copyright remains with her.


Sensual Liaisons: The Sword and the Rose Collection by Louise Roberts is a paperback that is to comprise of books 2, 3, and 4 of The Sword and the Rose Series.

So that these three great e-books can be available in print, Luminosity Publishing has incorporated them into a paperback.

The book is due for release on 15th April 2017 and can be purchased through the usual distributor channels such as Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Luminosity Publishing’s own website.

Although there had been plans for three more books in the series it was decided that it was time to end the Spanish 17th century saga after book 4.


Louise Roberts will now concentrate on her “Romance in War” series comprising of different stories set during World War II.

Book 1 – Letter from a Stranger is set in London during the Blitz was published by Luminosity Publishing in June 2015 and is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble.

Book 2 – Dragoon Serenade is set in the south of France during the three weeks leading up to the Allied invasion of Operation Dragoon on 15th August 1944. Although this book is completed it is currently awaiting publication.

Book 3 – Balor’s Landing is set on the tiny island of Toraigh [Tory] off the Irish coast of county Donegal starting in September 1944. This book is Louise’s current work in progress, with four more books planned after this one.

In addition Louise is considering starting other adventures with new characters set during the 18th century but at this stage she won’t give anything away as to where and when those characters will emerge.


RLB – Tomewriter


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Showcasing “NO GREATER LOVE” by Justin Sheedy

No Greater Love by Justin Sheedy

To abandoned child, Colin Stone, World War Two grants an escape from the mean streets of St. Kilda. A natural warrior, his talents qualify him to join an elite group of young men. The shining ones. Who fly Spitfires against Nazi tyranny. Rising with them, from the top Colin Stone looks down on a world that has doomed his first true friends.

Bringing to vivid life true Australian war history and events, No Greater Love is a saga in the classic mold, featuring the drama, beauty, heroism and horror of one young man’s war journey through stunning Malta, Egypt and North Africa, Sicily, England and Europe. It is a portrait of the once-in-a-lifetime characters the war places on his path, of the tragic, wholesale waste of war, on occasion even the profound humanity of his enemy, and of his evolving perception of his world for what it is.

Though standing on its own as a ripping and also highly emotional read, No Greater Love is the third and final chapter of Justin Sheedy’s now widely and warmly cherished World War Two novel trilogy begun with Nor the Years Condemn and Ghosts of the Empire. Continuing and now concluding their portrait of shining young men destined never to grow old, No Greater Love is the full and rich story of Part 1’s reader-favourite character, Aussie rough diamond Colin Stone (‘Stoney’). It is the story of his war, of his loyalty and devotion to his friends, of his enduring love for the mother who abandoned him, and his dreams of being held by her once again.

BOOK LAUNCH! “No Greater Love” by Justin Sheedy – Sat 3 Sept 2016 at Dymocks Sydney

About the Author:


Justin Sheedy was born in 1968 and grew up in North Epping in Sydney’s north-west suburbs. He was educated by the Little Sisters of No Mercy, then by the Jesuits, and obtained a degree in fine arts, qualifying him to drive a cab.

He has worked in radio, for a while as a go-go dancer as well as for the Australian Public Service though has since made a full recovery. If you have ever worked in the public service, you will understand. If you still do work in the public service, Justin remembers you, so you better have been nice to him as he’s writing books now.

His efforts have seen him invited to the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2010 and to the Gloucester Writers’ Festival 2012.

His books “Goodbye Crackernight” and “Nor the Years Condemn”, “Ghosts of the Empire” plus now his latest book “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer” are available at AMAZON in paperback and Kindle formats, in Australia at Dymocks Books nation-wide. Also at GLEEBOOKS, ABBEY’S BOOKSHOP, BERKELOUW BOOKS & THE AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL, in the UK via WATERSTONES, WH SMITH and orderable at YOUR local bookstore.


On a personal note, I have read all of Justin’s books and have enjoyed each one thoroughly. As recommendations go I have no difficulty in promoting Justin Sheedy’s books. I wish him every success with his latest offering “No Greater Love”.

RLB – Tomewriter

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What is a ‘Published Author’?

According to certain factions of the writing community a ‘Published Author’ is one who has signed a contract for any fictional and/or non-fictional narrative work exceeding 40,000 words with a third-party publishing house. Works which are self-published whether in hardback, paperback or online as an e-book, or are published through a “Vanity” or “Subsidised” enterprise are not regarded as “Published”.

Such a statement in today’s electronic age seems to be narrow-minded and archaic. And the only entities who would benefit from holding authors to contracts are the traditional publishing corporations which do so in a bid to not lose market share and maintain their self-preservation.

If authors all began to self-publish in a way of securing a better percentage of royalties and in ensuring their hard labours are published, then those traditional publishing houses would begin to fade away as quickly as the many book outlets which appear to be disappearing so fast from the High Streets.

I can vouch that for the works I have sold as e-books through Smashwords, the royalties received on the sale price averages at 78% per book sold. On reading various reports of the royalty percentages paid by the traditional publishing corporations; these range from 10% – 15%, and up to 25% for e-books published through them. To me this seems totally ridiculous that anyone should wish to earn so little when a greater amount can be earned by self-publishing methods.

Sure it can be argued that the companies who offer such low percentages do so because they provide editing, proof-reading, warehousing and distribution services as part of the contractual agreement with their author. But any author who is worthy of writing a novel and/or a non-fiction book, should have enough experience on how to edit and proof-read their own work. Furthermore, there are numerous independent agencies that can provide a professional assessment of your manuscript for a fee.

I found, that when I began trying to find a publisher some twenty odd years ago to publish my first novel [long before e-books became a reality], many insisted that the manuscript be professionally assessed before it being presented to them for consideration. I expect this is because a publishing house does not want to take a gamble on an unknown author. Although in my case I took their advice and had my work professionally assessed [an exercise which was certainly worth doing] by then I had “lost interest” in going through the whole regime of applying to publishing houses to have my manuscript considered for publication. Instead I moved on to my next projects: a non-fiction history book, and my second fictional novel. The assessment of my first novel did not go ignored. The lessons learnt and advice given, were invaluable in administering them into the new books.

The trend of online shopping has not only taken hold of our society, it has become the norm. Consumers find it so much easier in their busy and ever time-demanding days to shop for everything from personal items to food online. It is also evident that the need of entertainment has also moved from the traditional high street purchases to online methods. As more people purchase music, movies and books from online sites such as Amazon, there is no reason to believe that consumers will not turn to e-book distributors to commence purchasing their favourite e-books online through such distributors as Barnes & Nobel, Apple, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, WH Smith, Baker & Taylor, and Amazon  to name but a few.

Having said all this I will revert to the original question: What is a ‘Published Author’?

Personally I believe any author who has taken the time to research and write a manuscript. Spent endless hours editing and proofreading his/her work; had it professionally assessed. Spent money on ensuring the best possible cover has been designed for it and then self-publishing it should receive the recognition of being a “Published Author”. For anyone to demean that accomplishment by stating that you are not a published author unless you have signed a contract with a third-party publisher, is both insulting and naïve.

RLB – Tomewriter



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