The Sword and the Rose


By Louise Roberts


The Sword and the Rose – Book 1

Copyright © August 2016 Louise Roberts



Cover design by Dawné Dominique

All cover art © 2014 by Dusktildawn Designs

Released 20th August 2016

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The Sword and the Rose



Set in early 17th Century Spain the story spans a period of 8 years from 1618 to 1626.

Margherita is devastated. When brothers, Iago, the Sword, and Ferdinando, the Rose, return from a sea voyage, she wants a proposal from one, but instead receives it from the one she didn’t want. She is sent to her sister, Isabella, in Valencia, where she is introduced to yet another potential suitor, Don Ramón de Cabezon. This turn of events upsets Margherita’s brother Miguel, who comes to take her back to Cullera. Brother and suitor come to blows and one meets his demise.

Iago and Ferdinando’s quest to find justice for the deceased leads to sibling rivalry between the two. Who will come out the winner in a duel between the two brothers? And more importantly, which one will win Margherita’s heart?


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